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In your opinion, is it a bad career move for an aspiring artist in fine art to do caricature drawing at carnivals and malls?

Asked by rockfan (9204points) March 7th, 2018 from iPhone

I hope to be a professional artist someday, and I’ve already been getting my name out doing commissions of portraits and animals. So is it a bad idea to do lesser quality work (like caricature drawing) on the side? Would it tarnish my reputation in the long run? Or is variety a good thing?

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No. Show your flexibility!

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Actually I use to see a “Caricature Artist” at several craft shows and street fairs. Then I bumped into him at a night club, he was the singer in a locally followed rock band.

Oh he was also an art teacher at a well known private school in Connecticut during the week.

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Just set up a pseudonym and do the art that puts pizza in you belly under that name.

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It takes a lot of skill to capture a likeness in a few strokes. I think it would be excellent practice. And if you ever thought it was going to be a liability on your resume, you could just leave it out.

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You never know who might be impressed with your work. It can get your name out in the public. Artists have a reputation for being a little quirky, so it probably won’t damage your reputation. Here is a thought. Maybe you could turn it into a kind of performance art.

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Could prove quite useful in training lighting and shading of nonstandard shapes.

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any solution circumventing the vow of poverty common to your profession should be embraced with enthusiasm.

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@rockfan I think it takes a very special talent to draw caricatures too. IMHO I think it would broaden your capabilities.

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Not at all. Ya gotta eat while honing your fine art.

Plus,Bill Plympton…

As an artist, pursue your goals, but be practical. Work your side gigs.

I worked as a tee-shirt airbrush artist while in art school.

I worked in an art gallery while building up freelance illustration work.

I designed props and invitations for bat mitvahs while starting out as a graphic designer.

I taught night classes while I was running a small creative office during the day.

I’m a full time professor now, but still teach side classes online.

Art is seldom lucrative. Always keep multiple balls in the air.

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Any publicity is good publicity. The more artwork you do, the more likely it is for you to succeed in art. There is nothing shameful about a side flow. Own it, and ignore the haters

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I just saw an commercial for Uber looking for drivers that made me think of this thread. The tag line was “Work your side hustle.”

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