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Is it just impossible to work for Trump?

Asked by stanleybmanly (18476points) March 13th, 2018 from iPhone

The casualty list from the White House has gone from embarrassing to beyond tedious. The exodus is so pronounced and routine that no one can feign concern let alone alarm. The survival rate was higher for marine flame thrower units on Iwo Jima.

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You have to be able to put up with a whole lot of shit and be willing to compromise your moral values in order to do so but no, it is not impossible.

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Trump doesn’t run a democratic government. He is one man with a twitter machine and the calibre of his executive staff will decline until all he has is left is a bunch of yes men. By then the United States will have become a dictatorship. Xi Putin and Trump will rule the world.

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If you sane, rational, and intelligent then yes it is impossible to work for ole orange hair.

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Note also that Tillerson was fired right after he blamed Russia for the nerve gas attack in London. Coincidence?

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^^not really, Putin has his hand so far up Puppet Trumps ass making him jump and sing.

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Trying to be unbiased here.

From outside, it definitely appears to be a difficult/hostile environment. If I were an investor, I would avoid a company running like the WH.

It doesn’t help people like me, who think so poorly of Trump, feel like I’m wrong. It definitely does not make his supporters look good either.

Honestly, each day seems to be another example of how unqualified, inept, and unprofessional Trump is. You just never know what you will see each day…

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I know I couldn’t work for him, let alone be in the same room with him.

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Working in this administration instantly opens you up to legal fees that are probably greater than your yearly salary.

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Before 2016, he was famous for a [sur]reality TV show where his main job was to lord it over people and then judgementally yell at them, “you’re fired!”

How many appointees has he made that ever should have been considered appropriate for their positions in the first place? The only one I can think of off-hand who isn’t obviously unqualified for the job and/or a conflict of interest is James Mattis, Secretary of Defense.

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Actually, Mattis was on the board of directors at “General

Since Trump is not a dictator and Congress must approve his appointment, isn’t Congress complicit in this as well for approving everyone that he wanted?

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How about this… If we can make it through Trump’s cronyism and incompetence I will say the founding fathers might be right and came up with a perfect system of government.

But this includes Congressional oversight which seems to be lacking since them being all “NO COLLUSION” without looking for it.. One strike. Let’s see if Mueller is allowed to go on. If his investigation is hampered I will conclude that the founding fathers failed and indede made a imperfect document.

If that is the case they are fallible and the 2nd should be invalidated because if you fucked up one thing you probably fucked up the other one. The 2nd one to be precise.

Impeach (proving the system works) or give up your guns since the system doesn’t work.

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Only for people with a conscience.

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