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Do you believe in ghosts?

Asked by seawulf575 (6703points) April 16th, 2018

If so, have you ever had any encounters or known people that did?

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No not really, BUT I do think my grandpa came and helped me with something in a ghostly form, since I saw a whisp of something. My husband insists they exist as he lived in a haunted house.

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Yes. They drain your energy. I had been haunted as a child by the electro-static man in my doorway in my bedroom at night. That’s why I stayed up at night and slept in the day. It lead me to miss class and lowered my marks and hindered my education. There wasn’t enough pillows and stuffed animals to throw at the electro-static man at night. He greatly hindered my progress in grade school. Now I can’t sleep without 5 or more pillows at night. Also its why I can’t hold a day job. Not enough night time sleep. My white light blocks them mostly except between 7 and 9 pm when I have a panic attack when I get ready for bed. Could be the bad horrible news stories at the evening before I go to sleep?

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Yes. I think I’ve seen at least one. Had a couple of minor possessions by spirits cleared. Have talked with serious intelligent people who work with spirits and so on.

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@Zaku I had two exorcisms in Jasper from the local Baptist church as a young adult. They didn’t work right away. I’m sort of fine now. I haven’t seen the electro-static man in years. So maybe it worked. I still can’t sleep without 5 or more pillows at bed and I still prefer to sleep during the day where people can help me from a quick phone call.

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They are not ghosts.
They are evil Body Thetans, roaming the Earth, ever since the scoundrel Lord Xenu un leashed them upon the universe.
Visit your local Church of Scientology tomorrow to begin your cleansing process.
bring your credit card

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But I have had dreams that happened later. But I think that is more obvious situation produces obvious outcome. And that ends up in a dream.

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No and no.

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@kritiper Have you ever had any encounters or known people that did? You do now. : ) congrats.

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@kritiper Hi! I’m RedDeerGuy1.I haven’t seen a ghost since grade 9, but two exorcisms later and I still believe.

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Nope. I don’t see how I could have lived this long, and not run across one. Billions of people have died, so there should be plenty of ghosts, but I’ve never come remotely close to thinking that I have encountered one.

I have heard some convincing after death experiences, but nothing convincing about ghosts…

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@RedDeerGuy1 I don’t mean introduce yourself, introduce me to the ghost. Even if you haven’t seen it since grade nine, however long ago that was, it surely must still be hanging around…

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@kritiper I don’t know how to? He was an electro-static man. I will try. Hey! electro-static man introduce your self to kritiper. Maybe you will see him when you sleep. Hopefully he will not haunt you.

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@kritiper It didn’t work last time in the past. So don’t count on him showing. I will give you a big WOW! if it does.

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So. Could I get some details about electrostatic man? How did you first notice him? How do you know he’s a he? Any physical interactions? Any odor, sound, or other detectable thing to know he’s there, or not?

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@MrGrimm888 In grade 5 I met him when I moved to my sisters bedrooms (Yes I was lucky to get two bedrooms) when my sisters moved out and left me their bedrooms. It had broad shoulders and was tall. nothing but sight at my bedroom door at night. My stuffed dolls and pillows kept him at bay. It was scary at nights. It could be feeding on my fear and anxiety from my dad and the neighborhood bullies. For all I know he could have been a family member watching over me. I also had a “V” shaped ghost in my grandpa’s house in the basement. After I walked into it then I wasn’t scared of it anymore. I deliberately stayed in the basement to overcome my fear of the dark.

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I’m perplexed here. It feeds off of negative energy? I’ve heard this before, from others who had experiences.

Why do you think pillows, and toys deterred it?

Did it try to physically hurt you? Were you just afraid because it was not normal? You say it was in the doorway. Could it go through the door, or open it?

What did it look like? Just a shadowy figure, or any eyes? Why do you call it electrostatic man?

Any correlation with him, and your time traveling issue?

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One just hovered in my bed room door
It drained me and kept me asleep in school until I decided to skip school snd sleep in the day when it can’t attack me. It was an outline of static electricity and didn’t have a face. It could have been my dad’s out of body experiences. Could have been the prelude to developing sensitivity to the para-normal.

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Is there any relation with your time travel? Is it in every repeat time line, or did the time thing happen after the ghost was long gone?
Do you think there is any relation,between the two?

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@MrGrimm888 Before I was 20 I had visions of the future and after august 25, 2000 I started time traveling. I predicted it to my grade 5 home room teacher that in 2015 I was immortal and couldn’t answer her math question to how old I would be in 2015. Her response was to have me assessed for a mental illness. All the came up was that I was smart and that I didn’t respect her . Not much faith for a catholic teacher to have in the supernatural. Visions are spiritual gifts that are mentioned in the bible.

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Visions. Like in a dream? I’m sorry for my ignorance.

Could you elaborate? Like did you see wars, or technology, or just you at an older age?

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@MrGrimm888 In grade 7 I saw the Obama and Mitt Romney election (not the results) and I told my junior high school principal. Visons like seeing the future mostly cartoons because at that age ,4 years old, because that’s what I was interested in at the time.

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So. Were you dreaming when you saw it? I’m curious how that works. Did it just flash in your eyes, while awake? When you say you saw the election, were you like at a rally, or was it on TV?

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@MrGrimm888 It was like being on fire and a feeling from somewhere about a memory of something that was important to my future self. I also get visual images of video games like X-Men street fighter games. years before the release date.

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I constantly saw Thanos as a child. mostly when I was 4 and I was attacked by an escaped mental patient in Edmonton at 1981.

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@MrGrimm888 I sure scared him off.

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I haven’t seen any but I think anything is possible.

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Yes, I have only had two encounters. One involving an unknown ghost dog and another involving my Grandma, although, only the dog involved an embodied spirit. Grandma was just a warm, loving feeling and audio phenomena.

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I asked this same question over 4 years ago:

You might be interested in some of the answers there.

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No I don’t believe in supernatural things

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No and no.

What would ghosts due to bide their time? Scare people? That gets old pretty fast. Make positive contributions? Great, but if so, they certainly don’t seem to be living up to their potential.

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I believe I had a ghost in my last house. Never saw him, but he would dribble a basketball by the sounds of it. Kept hearing a sound like someone dribbling a basketball on concrete, but there was never anyone there and you couldn’t actually locate where the sound was coming from. Everyone in the house heard it at one time or another.

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You’re joking right?

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Nope. Found out later that a kid had killed himself in the house a dozen years before. Guess he still wanted to play. At first it was weird because you could never locate where the sound was coming from. First it would be coming from the front of the house until you went that way and then it sounded like it was behind you. Stuff like that. After a while it became amusing. I even suggested one time to the room that he stop dribbling and shoot the ball. It didn’t help.

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It isn’t a matter of believing in them. I have had encounters. Yes, stuff goes on that we can’t explain. I lived in that house for seven years. The first three the presence was very active but eventually either left or just accepted that we were OK occupants of his/her/their domain.

Examples of what we found when we would go downstairs in the morning:
.kitchen chairs pulled out from the table
.coffee maker pulled out to the edge of the counter and turned sideways(every day for at least a year)
.items in the pantry moved

When I came in from work I often found things moved. Once I had stripped the bed in the morning but left the sheets on the floor to take care of that night. When I came home from work one of the sheets was downstairs by the washer.

One night when my husband was out of town I didn’t finish vacuuming the LR. I just unplugged it and left it there to finish the next morning. During the night the vacuum came on. This one scared me so badly it was all I could do to go down the stairs and turn it off.

I remember being in bed one night and hearing the kitchen chair being moved. My husband wouldn’t wake up so I just put my head under the cover and waited for daylight.

After we lived there about five years the prior owner told us he could never keep tenants in the house because they claimed it was haunted. We still talk and laugh about the ghosts in that place.

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And you are sure it was ghosts, and not invisible aliens doing some psychological experiments on you?
Because I remember I had a team in that area.

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Nah, I don’t believe in ghosts.

The only personal scenario experienced was when my sister died. I suddenly woke up at 4am with the need to head over to her house. Her two daughters were still asleep. Sis was gone, but her body still warm. It felt like she urged me to get over to her house before her girls woke up. The more logical explanation is that she was at the end of a losing battle with cancer and we all knew it.

Do I know anyone that does? A good friend’s husband claims that he can hear spirits. I’ve never been with him when this happened. Who am I to say he doesn’t?

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I was in a sorority, and spent a weekend there. I went into an empty room to do something, and left. Later I tried again to get in there, but this time the door was blocked shut by a heavy dresser. It took considerable effort to move it so we could open the door, but when we finally got it open, nobody was in the room. There was no vibration or rumble and certainly no earthquake to account for the heavy dresser moving that far across the floor.

None of us were drinking either. It was very strange.

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