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How do I move all my stuff, my car, & my cat 3000 miles in the most inexpensive way?

Asked by melohhh (30points) August 16th, 2008

and very, very soon.
I’m moving from Michigan to Oregon and I’m trying to take everything in one trip. I have a car, but need to return it to Michigan after the move. I’ve minimized my stuff the best I can, but I also have a cat so I need the car to get there, what’s the best/cheapest way to get all there and bring the car back?

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How much stuff? A houseful, an apartment, a room? If it’s doable, I’d rent a U-Haul trailer (one-way) and tow it behind the car. If not, I’d rent a U-Haul truck, and tow the car behind that. Either way, bribe a friend from Michican to make the trip with you, and to drive the car back afterwards.

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Actually, now that I’m giving it more thought…why do you need the car at all? Just rent the truck and be done with it. The cat can travel in the truck with you, and there would be no need to bribe that friend!

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to augustian: U-hauls are like $1400. I have like $500 (if that)

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Ohhh. Looks like you’re gonna’ have to bribe a bunch of friends to drive their cars, too!

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When I moved cross-country I used a driveaway service. Basically, you drive someone else’s car for them (maybe their second car, for example) and you pay only gas costs. If you have a lot of stuff this is less feasible – although maybe there is a need to transport lots of unmarked vans?

Here is a description:

A second idea is a share on craigslist, depending on your tolerance of strangers.

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Hey – if you’ve got a lot of books and magazines, ship them via U.S. Mail using “book rate” or “media mail.” This rate is amazingly cheap! I just moved from Kentucky to Boston and shipped all of my books and magazines (8 boxes’ worth, very heavy) for under $150. You can also ship DVDs, CDs, and other “media” this way. Just be sure not to mix in non-media stuff when you pack your boxes, they get very grumpy about that.

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I posted an ad on craigslist for help with my car situation, and it get flagged and removed! wtf? what did I do wrong??

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It looks like you need money to move everything. My best suggestions is to sell most everything not essential, move the rest and start over. I have done this, reluctantly, but it was one of the best things I have ever done. I have become less attached to possessions, can move at the drop of a hat and really have very little clutter. What ever you have remaining (I would hope only 3 or 4 boxes max) ship via UPS and buy a one way plane ticket to Oregon. Believe me, it will work.

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to sueanne: I have a cat and a boy friend going with. plane tickets are ridiculous, but I’m definitely starting over. I have about 4–5 boxes with both of our stuff combined but the price is what’s troubling me… I’m glad it worked out for you, it gives me great hope. thanks

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