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What is a good free image resizer for mac?

Asked by xxporkxsodaxx (1386points) August 16th, 2008

Unless Adobe Photoshop can do it and I haven’t figured it out please explain how I can do it. If not just give me a few links to some good applications. Oh yea, no watermarks.

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Photoshop can do it.

Image -> Image Size

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Otherwise, RapidoResizer, formerly known as Resize ‘Em All.

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you may mean crop tool? It is in photoshop. You can also make a selection and go to edit>crop.

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If all you need to do is resize or crop, then I would recommend something like Imagewell. It is much lighter than Photoshop and won’t bog down your system. Photoshop is total overkill if all you need to do is resize something.

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Image Shackle is a widget that just does resizing.

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you can also load the images into iPhoto and then export them at whatever size you want.

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Preview. Came with the mac.

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to ad on to Lefteh, you can also automate this. if you create an action (use the action pallet, the buttons on the bottom are just like on a VCR) then go to FILE>Batch and you can tell it to go to a folder and do all the files in the folder.

It is always smart to do one or two files first just to make sure you get what your expect.

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You can also automate image resizing using Automator, which should have come with your Mac. There are a bunch of image manipulation actions built in.

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Automator can resize images.

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Yes, as lapilofu pointed out :)

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Not! Try it…

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do you need to download an automator script? you can doit yourself but if it hard to you I can made one for you.

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