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How do you know when a Capricorn male likes you?

Asked by Boycrazyteen101 (1points) May 3rd, 2018

So my friend knows this guy, let’s call him Joe and he’s a Capricorn. From what my friend told me is that he’s only 2 years older than I am and I really, really like him. But I am not sure how to tell if he likes me. I’ve heard Capricorn men are seen as shy. So if anyone has an idea I would appreciate if you told me. Thank you.

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I have been studying astrology for a year now, and my advice is: don’t use the horoscope as a dating guide!

Astrology is much more complex than what you see on the internet. The internet only knows about your sun sign, and it’s a small part to a bigger picture. Not to mention people make things up all the time, so you are likely to see contradicting information from time to time if you look hard enough. You will go nowhere if you assign the Capricorn traits you think you know to him.

Start treating your guy like he’s a normal individual first. Be friendly with him and see where it will go. Don’t rely on the horoscope.

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I’m Aquarius & I cannot date a Capricorn although I’m terribly attracted by them. The ones I’ve known intimately are very outgoing with strangers but withdraw into themselves when in a personal relationship. Their personality flips faster than a Gemini. One second they love you & the next they are running after somebody else. Their attention span is extremely short!!!

I don’t choose my dates by their astrological sign but have found many similarities when birth dates coincide. I have been hurt so bad by Capricorns that I tend to back away at the first sign of their flightiness. One in particular that I had allowed myself to get close to…it turned out had 2 wives (with NO divorces) & 6 kids & was talking to me about getting married.

I suggest that you can have a really good time dating a Cappy; but, NEVER allow yourself to get too attached to one. In other words…have fun but NO attachment!!!

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@LadyMarissa you know what? Actually the people I get on the best are Capricorns. I get on so well with them that I form a deep connection with some of them. One of the signs that contains the most people I can’t stand is Gemini. One of the people that hurt me the most was a Gemini, and, surprise surprise, I’m a Gemini.

That’s why I advice her to ignore the horoscope and see the guy as just another human being. And this comes from someone who study natal charts. There’s so much going on in a person’s astrology components that it’s hard to just use Sun signs to make general statement.

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The same way you know if an Aries male, or a Leo female or any other sign likes you. Horoscopes are only going to mess up your relationships because they’re not real and will set you up for false assumptions about people and situations. Listen to your heart and do what you think is right. If you like this guy, let him know. Good luck.

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Their horns get bigger.

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@janbb And not just their horns!! LOL

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ask his wife

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We Aries don’t believe in the zodiac.

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It does seem that many Capricorns are shy. I’m a Capricorn and some consider me to be shy but I’m more anti-social than shy, imo. Okay, I guess I am shy as well.

Shy people don’t make first moves that often so it can be hard to tell if they like you. If he really is shy you need to reach out to him. Help make him feel comfortable. Be a friend. Once he feels comfortable with you you’ll know if he likes you because he’ll open up and reach out to you. If he never opens up and doesn’t reach out he probably doesn’t like you.

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