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Has anyone checked a backpack on a plane?

Asked by AshlynM (10684points) May 4th, 2018

Did you have any problems checking it? I hope to check my High Sierra backpack. As long as it doesn’t exceed the weight limits for checked baggage, should it be ok?

I’ve never checked a backpack, only rolling suitcases.

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Yes, I’ve seen it done all the time.

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I have been at airports and have seen people doing that,maybe call the airlines and simply ask.

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I checked a large pack pact a few times going to Eastern Europe, Australia and New Caledonia. Had no problem.

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I’ve had no problem at all carrying a rucksack on a plane either. There are weight restrictions and theoretically size limits as well but I’ve never had a rucksack checked for size.

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Yes. It is no problem! Remember odds are a suitcase or two will land on it so don’t put anything fragile inside.
And be sure to tuck the straps in where possible.

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Should be fine. I do it all the time. They will want you to take out your laptop/iPad and put it in a separate bin. Remove all sharp and pointy objects (hijacking tools). Don’t bring any containers bigger than 3.4 oz, except for an empty water bottle.

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@RocketGuy The OP is talking about checking it, not carry on.

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I see. Don’t put anything valuable in it, then. Bags frequently get opened up unless locked.

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