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Spoiler Alert! What were your thoughts on the documentary about flight TWA 800?

Asked by pleiades (6576points) April 3rd, 2014

Spoiler Alert please proceed if you have already watched or don’t care to watch the film and want to read about it anyways!

You’ve been warned….


Ok so I felt they created a pretty strong case about missiles coming out of the ocean. I want to know is there a list of those who were on board the flight? Anyone of interest to the U.S. government? Or are most conspiracies saying it was a major accident?

What were your thoughts about it all? However at the end of the documentary it clearly states, “written by….” So maybe I was just fooled. Anyway I found the whole thing curious!

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Conspiracies don’t say it was a major accident; conspiracies come up with farfetched explanations.

Really, if there was someone who needed to be taken out, it’s a lot easier to arrest them on the ground and have them disappear. If there was someone who was going to shoot them down with a missile, while do it on take off? Why not do it out of sight of the coast line?

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My feeling about this show (offering a theory about flight 800) is pretty much the same as I feel about most other conspiracy theories.

They are utterly ridiculous.

For this to have been a conspiracy – and particularly one that held for 18 years – the “authorities” (whoever they were) would have had control thousands and thousands of people both pre-incident and the investigators after the incident to keep them quiet.
And to fake the reports. And to suborn the FBI and the NTSB. And so on and so forth.

I can’t believe for a minute that in the 18 years since, not one person would have spoken up with some iota of evidence.

I would go with the Ockham’s Razor theory of investigation.

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We know who deep throat was.

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@elbanditoroso You don’t see the explosion as evidence of an outside impact?

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I believe it is true. But then again, I am still waiting for a non-fiction version of the Warren Report

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The wreckage suggests an explosion in the center fuel tank, as assumed. A missile would only knock out one engine or blow a hole in the plane somewhere else. Reasoning about missile climbing to collide with plane is inconclusive considering actual damage.

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