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Have you ever met someone "for the first time" more than once...on purpose?

Asked by La_chica_gomela (12547points) August 17th, 2008

About a year ago, my boyfriend and I went to a party at a friend’s house where I let the boys talk me into playing a drinking game I hadnt played before (not recommended, btw). I turned out to be terrible at it, and got became very drunk very quickly (you’re shocked right?) im and I got into a big fight with this guy named “Tommy”(I’m pretty sure I started the whole thing).

Last night, we went over to this friend’s house again, and we introduced ourselves as if we had never met, sat next to each other the whole evening, and had a really pleasant conversation.

Has this type of thing happened to anyone else? Did the other person play it off or bring up the incident? Did you ever talk about it?

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Sort of. I had to deal somewhat nastily with a nasty woman who worked at a site 190 miles away from where I worked, so our interactions were over the phone. A year or more later, I ended up having to make trips to that site and work closely with her. We never mentioned the old spat.

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Alchohol and responsibility. One you can’t have while drinking, and the other would keep you from drinking in the first place. Drinking as a game and drinking to get drunk aren’t responsible actions, so perhaps what you had the second time around was what you could’ve had the first time if you or him or both had a bit more control.

I wonder what the point is though? Do you want to become involved with this guy now, or what? If it was just a convo in passing, it shouldn’t matter what impression you leave/have with someone…

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The first time I met a friend of a friend, I thought he was arrogant, racist and repulsive…I brought it up every time the 1st friend mentioned the second. Several years later, I met the guy again, but had no idea who he was. He looked a lot different, and lied about his name so I wouldn’t judge him harshly. I ended up dating him for a while before I realized it was the same guy. At that point, I assumed he had grown and changed, & gave him the benefit of the doubt. In the end though, my first impressions were dead on…I dropped him like a stone when his true colors showed through again.

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I have done it because I have such a bad memory for names. I can tell them the exact circumstances where we were standing what they were holding and said which way we walked off etc and completely forget their name.

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State-dependent learning. You met the guy under a set of circumstances that haven’t been replicated. You met him again under very different circumstances and so everything was different. If you got really drunk and met him again, you’d pick another fight with him.

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Susanc, you are right on. I have to admit, I really didn’t like him. It’s not that I thought he was a bad person, but everything he said rubbed me the wrong way. We just have really different points of view. When I was drunk, I was uninhibited, and told him exactly what I thought of his sexist BS, and then slapped him in the face to punctuate my annoyance. When I was sober, I kept my opinions to myself.

But what I’m really wondering, is if anyone else has had this type of experience. I just found it really odd. We never talked about it. We just pretended we had never met, in order to have a sociable dinner party, and avoid the awkwardness of discussing it. Because I thought it was strange, I wonder if I’m the only one who has done this…

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