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What tree is the least problematic in any way, (including pipes underground, or mess on sidewalk, etc)?

Asked by flo (13313points) May 11th, 2018

Some (or is it just one kind of tree?) trees’ roots get wrapped around the pipes underground and cause cracks? If you can think of other problems that can be caused by trees feel free to list them.

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I personally like palm trees. Japanese maples seem pretty good as well.

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I really like crape myrtles. Easy maintenance. They don’t make a mess, don’t wrap their roots around pipes or lift sidewalks, and they have showy flowers in July/August. And they don’t get overly big.

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Thanks @seawulf575 and @2davidc8
Does it make a difference which colours? (Japanese Maples Google Images) (Crape Myrles Google Images)

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The Japanese maples come in a variety of colors and styles. I personally like the waterfall maples, but that is me. They don’t get huge and they are unique looking. But really, it depends on your own tastes.

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I’ve found the Red Bud trees to be good yard/shade trees. I love Bradford Pears but they split too easily.

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