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Is there anyone here who has never had their computer die on them?

Asked by Jeruba (51917points) May 16th, 2018

Does everyone have this disaster happen sooner or later? Know anyone who’s escaped it? Do you just take it in stride, or is it really a painful loss?

Of course anyone can back up their important stuff, and some of us do; but even at that, getting a new system set up is a real pain.

I resist getting a new device for as long as possible, and then a little longer, because there’s nothing about it that I enjoy. As a result, I typically wait too long and then have a catastrophe. The experience has not taught me to be more proactive about it.

Have you managed to avoid those sickening crashes, or have they by now just become part of the tragic fate of humankind, as certain for all as death and taxes?

This never happens with pencil and paper.

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There are two kinds of people: those who have lost data, and those who will. Computers die, and backup procedures are imperfect. There’s nothing to be done about it. The last time I had a computer die was in college. I knew it was on its last legs, and my girlfriend had been prodding me to replace it, so I had already moved on in mind somewhat. I’m just glad I printed the paper I was writing before it decided to never turn on again. Otherwise, I don’t think I would have taken it well. I have kept the hard drive all these years just in case I can find a way to get the information off of it, but who knows if it’s even accessible anymore?

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“This never happens with pencil and paper.”

I can’t count the number of things on paper that I have lost. At least with digital you can have multiple backups. Data loss only affects those who don’t do multiple backups.

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I just wonder if they are designed to fail after a said amount of time?

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Two 500GB SSD drives. One internal and one in a external enclosure using USB.

Enter SuperDuper.

Every few days I run SD and it clones my boot drive to the external and makes it bootable.

So if shit goes down I am only out a bit. And I also use Backblaze so my shit is up in the cloud too.

But if something terrible happens I yank the drive from the external and stick it where the bad drive was and I am good to go like nothing happened in five minutes.

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I’ve had a PC and later a laptop fail and require replacement. Each time no information was lost as the hard drive could be accessed by my local computer specialist.

My present PC is around eight years old. I know it will fail so I save all my important data on an external hard drive a couple of times a week. I almost look forward to replacing it with a more modern higher spec machine.

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I had a old pc which was replaced by laptop which is running fine for 8–10 years now. It has become slower and know it’ll fail one day eventually. But I’m planning to replace it with a new one ASAP. I had my mobile died on me recently which I use more than my laptop these days and had to buy a new one. Lost some songs downloaded on that which I thought were synced to cloud along with other data but it wasn’t the case..!!

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I had a PC that crashed a lot in the ‘90s but I’ve never have one crash or die since the year 2000. In 2000 / 2001 the printer sometimes would delay/scramble printing, or would print a bunch of garbled garbage. Or, maybe that’s what I was writing

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