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Contract position as a Festival Coordinator for upcoming annual film festival. Resume help?

Asked by mee_ouch (656points) August 17th, 2008

I’m, bright, energetic, enthusiastic and resourceful. A proficient multi-tasker, projects, volunteer and events co-ordinator. Areas of expertise…strategically-focused planning and problem solving capabilities. 20+ yrs. of multi-faceted experience in the hospitality industry…six of which were as an entrepeneur. Adept at controlling the full spectrum of administrative details…while involved in managing executive operations to support key business priorities and goals….

Can my fastidious fluther friends retool and/or add to this? It’s been a very long time since I’ve had to submit a resume. I’m slightly nervous and although I’m aware of the advantages of utilizing a service….I would be missing that essential ‘personal’ element. Can you help? Please?!
BTW…I’m skilled in powerpoint, excel and Word.
I just need help in personalizing the profile bit….Three to five sentences….

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20 years is a lot of experience. I would do a chronological list of events you have done, including attendance and duration, especially if you’ve done anything similar. I would do a list of relevant skills. I would also do a narrative in your cover letter that demonstrates how prepared you are to handle something like this… perhaps even giving an outline of how you would suggest handling this event. I would also note any relevant accolades/certifications you have garnered, however small.

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Accomplishments are key. Do you have a successful track record of making or beating your budget? Have your events broken attendance records? Do you have positive comments/testimonials from attendees or event owners praising your skills?

Be sure and add those.

Good luck.

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Kevbo…very sound advice. Thank you for a great answer!
Marina…I am in full possession of everything you suggest. Another great answer.

Thank you both so very much.

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