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Is producing plastic bottles for water, or straws for people with mobility problems, only for emergency possible?

Asked by flo (12904points) May 22nd, 2018

If there isn’t enough demand of an item, it would be too expensive it doesn’t get produced, in general, right? So bottled water is needed for when the tap water is undrinkable, and straws are needed for the people with mobility issues. So, what happens when these items (for example) get banned? How do companies produce them without losing money? I mean they would import them from the closest city, but what if when it get’s banned everywhere?

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They buy in bulk and store long term.

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They convince the general population that tap water is dangerous for them & they start buying bottled water so the demand for bottled water increases to where they have plenty in supply when an emergency eventually hits.

They convince the general population that they need straws to drink their soda. I seldom see anybody turn up their cup in order to drink their drink. Even with water they ask for a straw. Mobility straws arn’t that much different.

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@RedDeerGuy1 You mean the customers right?
@LadyMarissa The bended straws are needed for real. Lots of the elderly, and temporarily disabled do need them, whether they are being helped to drink or not.

But my question is about how the manufacturers produce a small amount.

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@flo no. All the companies can make one big order and split among themselves. They can also order a supply from other contries that still make them.

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Sorry @flo, I had a senior moment between reading your question & giving my response..

@RedDeerGuy1 has the right idea. Think that maybe we will be buying them from China???

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@LadyMarissa No problem. But what about when China bans them?

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Puerto Rico is proof that people can survive on unclean water. Guess we will just have to deal with it IF it happens to us!!! Necessity is the mother of invention; so, we might not be as comfortable as before but we will adjust. We will become a society of survival of the fittest.

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@LadyMarissa I’ll have to ask Puerto Ricans.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Sorry I thought I responded to your last post. The different companies compete with each other, right?

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@flo No. They team up to buy bulk and they divy up the plunder among themselves .

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These items can be produced at low cost, and there is enough of a worldwide market for a handful of companies.

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They probably won’t be banned but where there is limited demand but strong need, the price will be raised exponentially. An example is patented drugs for certain diseases where the price is astronomical. Market forces at work.

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Thanks all Also, It’s not the production that’s banned /will be banned (in some places), it’s the individuals buying it

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