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I need something to clean up my bathtub, mold and all that stuff, what product is the best?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) August 17th, 2008

i have tried somthing named tilex, and another ones, but nothing works, any ideas what else can i use?

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I’d try vinegar. Just mix some vinegar with water (1 to 1 so, 1 cup vinegar+1 cup water) try it on the tile first but vinegar will kill mold and “all that stuff” :)
If you need to scrub try using baking soda.

These are really cheap and the vinegar smell will go away as soon as it evaporates. (Also, they’re not possible carcinogens which is always a plus in my book.)

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a desperate measure would be to go to home depot, buy a grout knife, cut out the caulk (that’s probably what’s moldy) and re-caulk it. have you tried “the scrubbing bubbles? you could also scrub tiles with comet or ajax. i say if you’re going to do the work, though, re-caulk and it will look like new. caulking is easy – comes out like toothpaste and you just squish it in the crack. for the future, try to have open window or fan on in bathroom, to ventilate and get air flowing and prevent mold from growing.

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Bleach can work well too for a time. The problem is the “roots” of the mold spores go pretty deep so the mold will keep coming back. If the mold is in the caulking, then the best solution is to do like ica suggested and cut it out and recaulk.

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Vim. That stuff is amazing (probably causes birth defects though)

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