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What do you use to clean your screens?

Asked by chyna (51385points) January 21st, 2018 from iPhone

I’m talking about computer and TV screens. I bought some stuff specifically for screens and it streaks as does windex.

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I spit on my fingers and wipe.

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Distilled water and soft rags, not ammonia and paper towels.

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Distilled water and paper towels.

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I bought what is basically this 15 years ago. I am only half way through a single bottle. They say to use the cloths they sell but I just use white t-shirts and it works nearly as well. The stuff works great.

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A dry microfiber cloth works pretty well, and if that’s not enough, I find an ever so slightly damp one tends to do the trick.

The above suggestions seem good, too.

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I’m wondering how they are making money if half a bottle is sufficient for 15 years..)~

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I use my shirt. Probably not so helpful, sorry.

Well, not on the TV, for that I use a flannel cloth from an old sheet I cut up.

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A lightly-dampened microfiber cloth.

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I don’t; I’ve just decided it’s always snowing in New Jersey.

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A dampened white tee shirt for everything but my phone.

My phone I just lick and rub on my shirt. I know, “germs”...but I’m not dead yet.

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@cookieman, nonsense! You’re jazzing up your immune system!

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It’s usually my glasses that need cleaned. I use the cloth that they came with.

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@canidmajor: My thoughts exactly.

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We have staff for that

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I don’t use any cleaner, just a duster or a dry cloth. Works well.

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