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IF the cops raided your house today, what would your search history tell them?

Asked by LadyMarissa (6479points) June 11th, 2018

In answering Qs at various sites, I inevitably run across one that intrigues me but I don’t know the answer. I don’t like not knowing something; so,I research it in order to give a reasonably knowledgeable response. A good friend of mine is fairly kinky & often mentions sexual preferences with which I’m NOT familiar; so, I research them so I don’t promise to do something I have NO desire to share!!! Also, when reading things on the internet, I often do my own fact check because you can’t believe half of what you read!!! So, I can tell you, IF they burst through my front door tonight & confiscated my computer, I’d probably look guilty as hell!!! What’s in your search history???

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Cooking Recipes

Cooking equipment (new BBQ )

Boring . . . not guilty.

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I was just looking at pictures of tongues and it grossed me out. I think I have a tongue phobia now.

Not guilty.

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I have a friend who is an author & he researches a lot of strange crap He was laughing about what would be found on his computer & then I began thinking about the strange things I’ve looked up in the last month or so!!! Made me a tad nervous!!!

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Oh yes, a teenage grandson of my friend was looking up STD’s & was grossed out as to what he found. So, I did the same search he did & I was also freaked out!!! Turned out that it was a photoshopped pic; but it still gave me pause!!!

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My search history would put anyone to sleep.

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I find that hard to believe!!!

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Spiders, birds, bunnies, and the video made by some guys in Japan, Have A Nice Day…
cracks me up.

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Hot, filthy furry porn.
I would demonstrate it to them, just to fuck with them.
“Yeah, look at the Zootopia bunny taking that massive horse, hmmm.”

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Currency for many many countries in the continents of Europe and Asia and a few countries in Africa.

The Villages Entertainment schedule.

The Sharon performing arts theatre.

Local addresses.

County property appraiser websites.

Very recently the epley maneuver.

YouTube lots of zumba dances.

Real estate for sale and for rent.



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Oh yeah, Chinese restaurants that deliver in my area, and sites explaining stiff person syndrome.

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^^Reminds me that I’m on TripAdvisor a lot for restaurants.

Also, I forgot I’ve searched universal and Disney related things a lot in the last two years. Most of which is fine in the APP though, but not all.

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Not telling you! :-)

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Oh for gawds sake, how many area rugs do you have to look at? Buy one already!

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It would tell the world that I am a brilliant and curious man, interested is all sorts of things, and open to all points of view.

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mine would be extremely eclectic. it would range from all sorts of information about gallbladders to who won the Tony Awards.

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In the last few months: a bunch of recipes, free bleeding, what to expect after an abortion, a bunch of music, causes of suicide, where to find low cost or free dental care, pictures of some of my favorite British and Australian TV shows, how to make butter in a mason jar, and the CDC report on gun violence, and where to buy a particular brand of fake bacon.

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What do you expect to reveal from search history of any guy?~

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@imrainmaker I don’t expect anything, then again, I’m NOT a cop!!! The initial conversation came up with my friend when a local pedophile’s computer was confiscated & searched. Of course he had a lot of kiddie porn & a few sites on suicide. That’s when my friend commented about his research for his books & the weird searches that had been a byproduct of his research. That got me thinking of the various research that I’ve done on things that I’m not necessarily completely interested in; but searched in order to answer somebody else questions. Then I went…“hmmm, wonder what mine would tell a cop?” That led me here to ask the question.

I used to believe that you don’t need to worry about the law UNLESS you’re doing something illegal; but that no longer seems to apply. Something as simple as a neighbor not liking you who decides to record your every move. A simple 30 second video posted online or given to a news station can have you declared guilty before you ever get to court to prove your innocence. Then it won’t matter that you’re found innocent, you have been deemed guilty by the general population!!!

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It would tell the cops they had come to the wrong house. I occasionally look up weird stuff that takes my interest but I think most people probably do.

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Like Raj from the Big Bang Theory said “I am watching more and more shameful pornography.” On the flip side I only get my fix from one free site and its hopefully well moderated.

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@LadyMarissa – You’re right on the money with negative use of technology / social media. It’s really become easy to defame someone by using single rash incident as a tool.

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Thank you @imrainmaker!!!

I had a medical emergency last year & the hospital wouldn’t allow me to return to my home right away. I stayed at my brother’s house until I could regain my strength. While there, ALL my shopping feeds gave ME all HIS searches & purchases. I wasn’t using his computer but had MY laptop signed in to his wifi. The day after I logged in on his wifi, I began receiving strange go to “this website” if you’re ready to buy “this product” ads. I recognized NOTHING that was being recommended. After seeing them for several days with only an occasional change in the ads, I jokingly asked my brother IF he had been looking at a particular product that I liked but would never buy. He responded YES & he was freaked out because those same items were NOT showing on his feeds on his computer & he was wondering why. That leads me to wonder…WHAT IF my neighbor loves porn of a shady nature…will that also bleed over into my history??? Is there any chance the authorities might show up at my front door to arrest me for something I haven;‘t done & might cost me my life savings to defend my honor???

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@yesitszen Welcome back to Fluther & thank you for joining us on this thread!!!

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Today, I looked at Jim Palmer’s iconic ads for Jockey underwear. But, really, why wouldn’t I?

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I looked up Stormy Daniels… Best use for fake news. Didn’t turn my crank.

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I looked up David Beckham’s iconic ads for Jockey underwear & I found it worth going to jail for what I saw!!!

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I do a lot of online shopping.

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