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Can you name some movies for which the ending could have been better?

Asked by imrainmaker (8375points) June 26th, 2018

Also let us know how?

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An infamous one; Titanic.
Jack and Rose both holding on to that door.

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^Half of the damn ship was made of wood. It took hours to sink. They could have made boats out of other parts of the ship, in the time it took to sink…

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I’d have to go with the worst ending ever. The first remake of Planet of the Apes. The one with Wahlberg. It wasn’t a bad movie at all, until that terrible ending. “Ape Lincoln!!?!!!!” WTF?....

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Citizen Kane.

The ending has always been described as sad and sentimental, but I felt emotionless and unmoved.

It would have been a fantastic ending if the investigators had thought it was the name of the sled, but then a flashback at the end of the film shows that “Rosebud” was actually a childhood nickname of a friend of Kane’s and never got to speak to before his death.

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“First Reformed” had an ending that could be taken two ways. If it was real, it was icky but if it was a dying man’s fantasy, it made some sense.

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I guess if you count the third Matrix as an ending, it was extremely disappointing. The first two were SO great.

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@rebbel :: I was doing a usher shift when the Titanic movie came out. There was a huge line for the next showing when we came out of the theater after cleaning it. I was walking out with Aaron and said “I didn’t really expect the boat to sink.” These teenage kids seemed really pissed that we “spoiled it”.

It actually gets worse. I did the same with Romeo and Juliet. That one got complaints to my manager.

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@johnpowell Did you see The Simpsons where Homer is leaving Star Wars with Marge and says “I didn’t know that Darth Vader was Luke’s father” in front of the line waiting to get in?

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I did not..

And I would have not done that.

If you are old enough to get into Romeo and Juliet (It was really violent) you should probably know the ending.

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Midnight Cowboy. For some reason I had grown somewhat fond of Ratzo.

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I can think of lots of them, but the most recent is probably Star Wars: The Last Jedi.
I wouldn’t kill off Luke, and if I did, his robotic hand wouldn’t disappear too.
A better ending? Kill off Leah (Carrie Fischer had already died, and was no longer available for the next film), and have Luke come back to the fight with a vengeance.

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But Luke seeking revenge really would have gone against everything that’s been established about his character and about the Jedi.

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The last Jedi needs more than a better ending, it needs a complete do over.

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Titanic. They should have both died.
Terminator. The Terminator should have won.
Terminator 2. The T1000 should have won.
Independence day. The aliens should have won.
Jurassic Park. The T-Rex should have teamed up with the raptors and eaten the humans. Specifically, to pay off the setup from the beginning, Tim should have been slashed open by a Raptor claw, with his intestines spilling out graphically.

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^We know you’re on which side..)

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Most recently..The Mountain Between Us. Like the movie…hated the ending.

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Recently, a lot of great horror films haven’t been able to stick the landing. I really liked The Witch, It Comes At Night, Hereditary, Get Out, and Alien: Covenant, but they’ve all had unsatisfactory endings.

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Snyder’s Man of Steel. Should have ended after the opening credits.

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Can you imagine Snyder’s SuperJesusMetaphorNeckSnapMan doing this?

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@ragingloli Never. He’s too dumb and too self-absorbed.

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He would probably have shoved her off the edge.

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Ghostbusters one. They killed off the bad lady too quickly. They just had her disappear. I would have a better fight sequence. Maybe linking the proton packs to overload.

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Well. You weren’t supposed to cross the streams. That went out the window quickly, in the end…

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