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Is pancreatic cancer the most severe, if not what is like a death sentence, even if it's not one of kinds of cancers ?

Asked by flo (13313points) June 26th, 2018

At one point was pancreatic cancer the most severe? Is it still? If not what is the worst thing to end up with?

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It’s not good. As with most cancer, it depends on what stage the cancer is in when discovered, and effectiveness of available treatments, and sadly what/if any insurance does the person have (if in USA.)

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Skin cancer. Of the face. It slowly eats it’s way into the brain

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Being burned over 90% of your body would probably be right up there.

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Pancreatic cancer isn’t the most severe in the sense of the bad things it can do.

But it’s one of the more difficult cancers to detect, and the post-diagnosis-to-death interval is considerable shorter because of that.

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SPS doesn’t always kill, but it is a sentence of torture until you do die.
Lots of conditions are like that.

See stiff person on YT.

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Pancreatic cancer is typically found when it is too late to operate to remove it. If you find it in an early stage and it’s operable your chances are really good. If you find it, because you are symptomatic when it’s inoperable, you usually have less than two years. Like I said, most are found late, and it’s a death sentence. I’ve never heard of any miracles happening regarding inoperable pancreatic cancer. Sometimes people live a year longer than expected, but it’s not good.

Ovarian cancer is also usually death sentence, because it is typically found too late.

Melanoma, I type of skin cancer, is too often deadly. If found in time, before it moves to other organs, it can be cut out. The cut is quite deep and often is somewhat disfiguring, or at minimum a big scar.

Breast cancer is a miserable cancer if you go through the chemo. The particular chemistry for breast cancer is pretty brutal. Hair loss, stomach upset. They are using the chemo less often now. The radiation harms blood vessels. It’s not as bad as 40 years ago when the radiation often caused heart problems within ten years, now that’s not typically the case, but it still does cause some damage. If the breast cancer has spread, it often goes to the lymph system, or bone, and then eventually brain. It’s miserable. When caught early it can often be removed surgically and no other treatment needed.

Most cancers suck, let’s face it. Some move very slowly, and all sorts of time to catch it and treat it. Some cancers are incredibly aggressive.

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Cervical cancer is probably the most deadly.

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^^The survival rate for cervical cancer caught very early is very high, but it does plummet when found late.

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Thank you all.

I heard of immunotherapy instead of chemotherapy for most or all with breast cancer.

There’s is such a diffeence between these 2 sites (that I don’t know) and webmd as to what the top 10 or top 5 cancers are. and

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I’d guess malignant brain cancer – especially Glioblastoma grade IV is the most dismal and next would be pancreatic cancer which killed my sweet FIL. It’s really pretty close.

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