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Recurrence of jellyfish sting?

Asked by robmandu (21321points) August 18th, 2008

Friend was stung by a jellyfish on the legs over a week ago. They rapidly got better and the welts practically disappeared.

Then, last nite, the welts have gotten, well… angry. They’re red, raised, and itchy. Just like new.

What gives?

I assume it’d be silly to try more of the usual remedy.

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Jellyfish stings can come and go for six weeks.

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Have him rinse with vinegar, and take a benadryl. Jellyfish nematocysts can getcha for a while, and vinegar helps a lot. Don’t pee on it.

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Only worry if your friend starts to become amorphous and develop tentacles, a clear indication he was stung by a werejelly.

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Definitely use vinegar, not fresh water. Using fresh water continues to let the nematocysts release toxins. Also, don’t rub it or soak it in ice water or hot water. If your friend is in pain, tell him or her to take an Ibuprofen or Aleve.

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Here’s the thing… it’s been about 10 days now. Showers have been taken. Legs have been shaved. Medicine imbibed.

There aren’t any nematocysts left to fire. It’s just that the affected areas have gotten red, itchy, and frustrating again.

@rowenaz, you mentioned that they can come and go for six weeks. I can’t find any literature about that online yet. Do you have a source? Does that source recommend any different course of treatment?


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There was a pamphlet that was distributed at some of the state beaches here (in Connecticut) and that was one of the things in it. We had a lot of Lion’s Mane Jellies this year, and the only thing you can do for those is meat tenderizer (vinegar is a no go) – both those pieces of info stuck with me. Hubby got a tiny one in his swimming trunks! One inch to the left…and hoo boy, I don’t want to think about it. But there was the red swollen bits which went away, and then two weeks later the same patch suddenly reddened again for another week.

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I had a friend who had pain and swelling for about 9 months after a sting. I don’t know what he did for it, but I remember him having alot of trouble for a very long time. I hope your friend fares better than he did.

OOps!! never mind, it was not a jellyfish sting after all. It was a sting ray. sorry!!

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Good news: the redness and swelling are still visible, but the itch and pain seems to have faded.

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That’s great! I hope he heals quickly.

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Well,I have a jelly fish sting on my leg,and the same thing is happening.
It seems to only itch past 9:00pm,until about 1pm
its very weird.

But it gets puffy and gross all over again.
And theres some hives around it too.

I dont know what to do,I just try not to scratch it.

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Found this out:

All-natural, 100% organic, not tested on animals, seemingly kissed by angels body wash ==> angry, red, itchy jellyfish sting site.

Regular, plain, old Zest ==> no itch, reduced swelling and redness jellyfish sting site.


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@rowenaz, I might just hafta follow you around lurving your other quips… b/c a single GA here doesn’t quite seem sufficient.

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Hope your friend is feeling much better – my hubby has “no comment” but isn’t planning on going back in the water if he sees anything that even resembles a ziploc…

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I have had the same problem – got stung on my ankle 11 days ago – actually wound up being taken by my fire department 5 days after the sting (I am an EMS probee – how embarrassing) curled up and in spasm (dystonia)...think it was a latent response to the sting! The docs were not helpful and said that a jelly fish could not do that – well yes they can…so be warned, you can have all kinds of severe reactions. Mine is till red and swollen, itchy as a son of a #$^cth! My leg is getting cramps in it too. Anyone experience anything quite this bad?

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My daughter was stung by a jellyfish one week ago, it got better and now it
has gottten red swollen and very itchy. Is the best course of action to take
benadril. ? Is cortizone cream good? Is vinegar a good remedy at this point?

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