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Which GoPro® Camera do you like better, Hero5 or Hero4?

Asked by gondwanalon (17092points) July 19th, 2018

I’m disappointed in the Hero5 Black and Hero5 Sessions cameras. I know how to operated these cameras. But sometimes they do their own thing. Having problems with them such as:
Hero5 Black:
1. Powering on by its self and running the battery out.
2. Voice control is useless in a noisy out of doors environment.
3. Sometimes it gets stuck in one mode and have to pull the battery to reset and operate.
3. Poor/weird sound quality.
Hero5 Sessions:
1. Gets stuck in a continuous loop and won’t do anything until after it runs out of power and it is recharged. (battery not removable).
2. Once it overheated (too hot to handle) while charging.

I’ve had no problems with the Hero4 Black cameras. I think that the GoPro 4 is better than the GoPro5’s (just a pain).

What is your opinion?

Have you tried the GoPro6’s? Do you like them better than the GoPro5?

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I must be the only GoPro nut.

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I thought about buying one, but I couldn’t find a reason that was compelling enough to make me want to spend the money.

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@elbanditoroso This is what I’ve been doing with my GoPro’s. I’ve made dozens of YouTube videos using GoPro’s. My paddling friends claim that they like them. Something fun to do.

I’ve got two GoPro 4’s, 2 GoPro Sessions 5 and one GoPro 5.

FYI: A lot of people (much younger then me) tell me that their GoPro is too confusion and awkward to use. They complain that the screens are too tiny to see and the buttons have different functions in different parts of the camera menu. And they can never get their remote controls to work. I tried to help them with a terse instructional video, a cheat sheet and hands on instruction to no avail. They ask me how I do it and I tell them through brute force. HA!

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