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Do you think Melania Trump was 'Terrified' while shaking hands with Putin?

Asked by imrainmaker (8380points) July 19th, 2018

There’s a video gone viral saying so. Do you think she was terrified and what may be the reason if that being the case?

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That’s her “Donald face”. She ALWAYS makes that face after she smiles & has to go back to her reality of being First Lady & standing next to Trump. I don’t think it was directed at Putin!!!

Video here

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no. what has she to fear from Putin?

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^^^^ She has to fear that Putin will be taking away her safety net!!!

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@Call_Me_Jay Poor woman. And now her every single move, every single facial expression is being recorded and discussed. And you know Trump has been giving her hell over it.

No. I don’t believe she’s afraid of Putin.

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She looks disgusted to me.

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That wasn’t Melania. It was the stunt double.

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That wasn’t Melania. It was the stunt double.

Good point. Melania hasn’t been seen since her several-week disappearance. Barron is missing, too.

Witness protection

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No wonder she cried when it was announced that Trump won the election!!!

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Disgusted like this @chyna? :D

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More aroused i’d say, maybe that’s her cum face you just don’t know.

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