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What is it that can be more than 100%?

Asked by imrainmaker (8339points) July 19th, 2018

Please give examples.

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I have heard of alcohol being more than 100%.
Red necks trust in Trump?

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Some report card grades go over 100%.

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Dungeons and Dragons thief skills can go over 100%.

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Inflation in Venezuela reached 46,000% this year.

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@Lady good answer.

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Return on investment.

Some peoples’ stupidity.

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If you’re a football coach, 100% is for pu$$ies. We need at least 110% effort…

My first football coach was when I was 8 years old. He was like a drill sergeant…

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Statistical increases. As in there was a 300% increase in ____since 2017.

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It’s not really about “what things can be”, it’s about the way something is being talked about – the context.

More words are required: the percent symbol just means “divided by 100” or “out of 100” or “100ths”, and so there is more context needed before it makes sense to talk about numbers greater than 100% or not.

“I am going to give 112% of my own time to this project.” probably makes no sense, because 100% would be all of the speaker’s own time he could have to give.

That is, it makes no sense when the context is talking about how much of something limited that can’t be more than all of it.

In other contexts, there is no problem. If you have 50% more eggs than Ted, who has 10, how many do you have? 15. What percent more than 10 would 500 eggs be? 4900% more.

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A percentage of increase can be more than 100%. ‘The CEO of Pepsi saw a 120% increase in bonuses the last financial year.’ Similar to what @kruger_d wrote. Any stats can be expressed like this.

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I told a dear friend this morning that I was willing to stand behind her 10,000%...NO matter what she’s dealing with, I’m there for her!!! As @MrGrimm888 pointed out, 100% is for pussies!!! ;)

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You can’t give out more than 100% of a fixed quantity e.g money in your bank account. You can give more than 100% of a non-fixed quantity e.g. money to charity relative to last year ($250 this year vs $100 last year)

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^With overdraft protection, I could easily go over 100% of my account…

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>100% is often used for comparisons. For example, “My 2017 earnings were 130% of what I’d earned during 2016.”

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@Love_my_doggie exactly…. Statistical comparison. Others have mentioned literary hyperbole, so as to express an emotional feeling. That’s fine, but not mathematical. (My father is an accountant and this sort of stuff bothers him, but he excepts it as a ‘turn of phrase’ as he puts it.)

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I would say bonus. It’s on top of what you’re getting already.

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The only thing that can be more than 100% is a percentage.

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Millions of things…........weight increase, salary change, interest rate change, etc. etc. forever….

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@Pinguidchance Well, while that’s true, the only thing that can be less than 100% is a percentage. Yeah.

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