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Have you received anything from other jellies and if so what?

Asked by chyna (42214points) July 19th, 2018

I have received a Dr. Grumpy sticker, a hand made pipe, an essential oil cream for back pain.
Tell us the fun, interesting things you have received or have given to other jellies.

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I got a computer virus from a jellys nsfw link.

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I have been given the gift of being challenged so often that my brain has finally kicked back in!!!

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I received a comic book. I told that person about it and I intended to buy it by myself, but then he offered to send it to me. And now it still sits somewhere on my shelf.

Recently, a jelly friend gave me two books for my birthday, Road to Responsibility and Foreign to Familiar. It was the best birthday present I’ve ever received, because the friend gave me an opportunity to grow. Growing a bit more right on my birthday, that makes my birthday not so superficial at all.

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I decided to lurk today and saw this fun question. A ten year habit is hard to break so I decided to join in the fun and share some good memories. I’m the other half of the blonde couple here if you haven’t figured it out yet. ;)

Evelynspetzebra made the Dr. J stickers that were shared. I still have one of the stickers floating around somewhere. Zebra and I are still good friends. He and his wife visited us last summer. Zebra has sent me his homemade lamb soup and he sent our son some art supplies.

We have two pipes from Gary, wtf. Gary was Jon’s #1 podcast fan and donated some equipment to Jon.

Gail C. sent us several books. She also sent an astronomy book to our son. My favorite is a book of poems by Mary Oliver that had several bookmarks and handwritten notes by Gail. It was a book that helped her through her son’s death. She gave it to me after my mother passed away.

Mazingerz sent me a Fluther mug with my old username name, jonsblond. Thanks again, Mazingerz. :)

jmah sent us some Canadian whiskey.

tinyfaery sent me a cool cupcake cookbook and decorating supplies.

I know I’m missing someone and I feel terrible. There are so many good people here. We have had at least 3 members send financial help that wasn’t asked for. I also received emotional support from several during the many struggles my family has had over the past several years. I’ll never forget them for standing by my side.

Thanks for the good memories @chyna <3

I can’t forget the meat pie from Raredenver. He sent it from England.

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@jonsblonde big ☺

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Socks! I forgot to mention I got jellyfish socks.

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Death threats & funny looks :D

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Lots and Lots of experimental data.
They do not remember anything, though, of course.

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I have gotten words of encouragement, compliments, and general awesome sweet words, of several nice Jellies.
Gail, I feel, has inqueased my noledge and understanding of the English langwich by teaching me and inspier me to reed more English.
Gail ;-)~

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A Fluther member once offered to pay for a brand-new computer and all the software I would need. It wasn’t someone I knew well, and came completely out of the blue. My initial message response to the offer was to ask if they were joking! Anyway, they were not and it happened not long after. It still blows me away to think about their generosity, and willingness to share.

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> interesting things you have received or have given

Well, she’s not here to say so, but I sent Seek a boxfull of books on medieval history, customs, and attire. I also sent a couple of boxes of books to another jelly who isn’t around much any more.

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A long time ago EmpressPixie sent me a Buffy tree topper for my holiday tree that she made herself. I use it every year. For awhile a few users and I exchanged mixed CD’s with each other. That was cool. I sent Gail and a few others extra fluther stickers. I think that’s it. Oh, and Blonde already mentioned the cupcake stuff.

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Nothing material, but I received a great car security tip from the OP:

To prevent someone who breaks into your car from opening the trunk, lock the trunk-access lever.

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I received some amaryllis bulbs from gailcalled. And I have sent mother of thousands plants to several folks here.
I’ve sent other items to people I thought could use them. I’ll let them speak up if they wish.

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Hey Lucky… you and I communicated outside of fluther briefly a little time ago. I count that.

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I consider our conversation a gift to me. :-)

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Such a cute little plant. And the name is so appropriate too.

Miss gailcalled. I love that you have something from her that’s growing.

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