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Were/are you aware of the fact that, during the 9/11 disaster, WTC building 7 fell down?

Asked by rebbel (27843points) July 21st, 2018

Last evening I watched a documentary on the attacks on 9/11, and in it somebody said that a big percentage of American people were not aware of building 7 collapsing that day.
Apparently that was due to the collapse only being broadcast sparsely.
Are you aware of it?
If so, were you so right then, or did you find out later?

I’m really not interested in pro or anti (whichever) conspiracy in this question, FWIW)

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I knew it, but honestly I don’t recall when I knew. I had a baby thirty hours before it happened, so there I was, in a hospital, with someone’s life just started, and thinking war has been started on our own turf.
I watched it play out in front of me in horror and panic.
There was a lot going on.
I may have heard it later in a docudrama.

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Pretty sure I was aware at the time from reportage.

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Yes, I read about that 17 years ago, and all of the conspiracy shit that went around at the time and just after.

Interestingly, I had a meeting in WTC7 about two months before that. Scary.

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No. I just found out from you. Right now. When 9/11 happened I was playing Command and Conquer. I didn’t find out until later in the evening. I don’t remember the exact moment.

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Yes, that’s something I’ve known for a while. I don’t remember exactly when I found it out, though.

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I remember it.

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IF I had ever known it, I had forgotten about it; so THANK YOU for enlightening/reminding me!!!

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Yeah,I knew and something about it stinks to high heaven!

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I do remember. Many structures in the area were damaged.

I think what I’ll never forget was hearing that there could be 50,000 people in the WTC towers. Early on, before casualties were quantified, it was thought tens of thousands of people could be dead. I had NO clue those big buildings had that many people in them…

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Yes, I’ve known about it, and read quite a bit about it.

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Knew about it & I believe experts have since established why the building collapsed, it fainted due to the kerfuffle.

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Of course. As did all the other truth seekers.
Did you know, that the creator of Superman died in one of the towers?
Apparently, his last words were “Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Oh my god, it is a pl…”

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I heard about it within the first 2 weeks of the event.

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I watched it on live TV the day it happened and I remember it vividly.

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Thank you, all, for answering.
Interesting to see that we all have stored it at different moments of time, or not at all, in some cases.
I have the idea that almost everybody in the world knows about buildings 1 and 2 having gone down though.
Makes me wonder why it is that that is less the case for building 7 (well, that’s of course my unscientific assessment).

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@rebbel Possibly because it was not directly hit with a plane (the impacts being especially memorable) and because its collapse was not as dramatic as the collapse of the twin towers. It was also never a very well-known building to begin with. Buildings 1 & 2 were an iconic symbol of NYC for decades; WTC-7 simply was not.

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I knew that.

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Were it not for the fact that Alex Jones pushes the theory that the building 7 collapse was a planned and orchestrated event I might believe the conspiracy. But, I cannot take anything he says seriously so I am stuck believing the truth instead.

I still think 9/11 was an inside job however

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If you want to read the science and not the spin.

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Seriously, if you watch any movies pre-9/11, that a are based in NYC you notice them immediately. They were a defining part of the NYC skyline…

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I did not know of any WTC towers other than the Twin Towers.

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@MrGrimm888 I know, right, they were humongous.
I brushed past them in a helicopter, in ‘88.

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@MrGrimm888 The ywere a defining part of the landscape only from 1971 or so, not prior. Weren’t really a sentimental part of New York for me since I didn’t grow up with them.

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I see them in older movies all the time. It’s amazing that something so big is just gone now…

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