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Who are the Trump supporters saying stop the product endorsements by talk show hosts and the like?

Asked by flo (13313points) July 26th, 2018

Rush Limbaugh does endorsements for a safe? company, and maybe other things. Mark Levin does ads for Brian Kilmeade for Superbeets, among other things. Bill Cunningham? and Sean Hannity? Do they do ads? I don’t know. So my question is, who (one or more person) said (paraphrasing): These talk show hosts who started doing endorsements for products relatively lately, are doing fake news, just by doing even one product endorsement. These are people who people are supposed to get the truth from, and that they should stop it, that it hurts the GOP and Trump and his base. That lying is democrats’/ Democrats’ thing to do.
Who could it be? Could it be Alex Jones or someone the opposite of him? Or both? So, is there a link (a video or article) about this?

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These are paid endorsements, like commercials. They only advertise where like-minded customer bases are likely to do business

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@Yellowdog Do you happen to have heard what I’m referring to? Who is the person or persons who said the paraphrase I posted in my detail?

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I’m not hundred percent sure that I fully understand your question, @flo, but could you possibly mean this video from John Oliver, on Alex Jones’ show and shop?

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@rebbel I need to run now, but does the video say as a message: stop doing product endorsements whoever you are?

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…They are saying endorsments are fake news

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@flo I need to sleep now, but I can’t remember the whole episode.
It’s about a year ago when I saw it; now I just browsed the video to make sure this is the one where he talks about the products he sells.
It’s 22 minutes long.

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@rebbel Thanks. I’m going to have to watch it tomorrow.

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I can’t get the article—only a server error.

But Mark Levin and Hillsdale College go together like Harry Potter and Hogwarts, and I cannot imagine any Trump supporters calling either of the ‘Fake News’.

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@Yellowdog But is it a fact that Hillsdale is the best college of all or could it be that there are at least (fill in the blank number) others that are better? He (and the others are reading the endorsement because they get paid to according to the critics.

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…By the way @Yellowdog have you watched the John Oliver video that @rebbel posted?

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It’s not impossible that Trump really likes the book by Jeannine Pirro, and that he is not getting paid the way the talk show hosts are., so not the same thing.

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I have heard that what he did in promoting the book FROM the White House, was illegal. I don’t know if that’s true or not.

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@flo Yes, I finally was able to see part of the video posted by Rebbel. I still don’t know how it was relevant to the question. Pardon my Naivate but is this an HBO News commentator about some conservative talk show? The entire thing seemed like a bad Ace Ventura or Saturday Night Live skit. I couldn’t tell if this was parody or entertainment ‘news’ so, admittedly, I didn’t watch the entire thing. I’m not much into Ace Ventura type entertainment that is high on ridicule and low on information—cannot tell who ‘Infowars’ was either—is this supposed to be the Trump Supporters? It was hard to tell who’s who,

But if we’re talking about Conservative talk show hosts and promotions, Judge Jeannine Pierro wrote a book that exposes or documents the recent scandals in the FBI and DOJ so it would make sense that conservative talk shows would promote the book, especially since Judge Jeannine is a regular guest or commentator on many of these shows

Hillsdale College is a bastion of the Constitutional Republic movement and is especially astute in covering the U.S. constitution. Mark Levin is a Constitutional Scholar and has great respect for that school. Furthermore, the school offers online courses in many topics of interest to conservatives (anyone, really—there’s an excellent online course about C.S. Lewis which I am considering).

I really am not sure if I am answering your question or if anyone even cares for a real answer. Some of the things mentioned, like the Safe company or My Pillow, are paid endorsements of products that would be of interest to conservative audiences—if not the products themselves then the ethos of the companies themselves. Others, such as the books or Hillsdale college, are associated with the work of the guests on the talk shows.

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I think you are right @Dutchess_III but Trump will change the law right after he throws the Rothenstein out and starts writing his pardon for “Whatever” ;>)

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@Yellowdog It sounds like the usual material from John Oliver. So, he is not saying no ads by talk show hosts, regardless of political affiliation.

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….(for people who’re browsing) I mean “he is not saying stop with the ads by people who are supposed to tell the public the truth.”

I’m rethinking about Trump and the book by J. P. If it’s illegal to do it from the White House it’s worse. Maybe one of us can post an OP about it.

@Yellowdog Re. the rest of your post: let’s leave out Hillsdale college for now.
-When the owner of the company does his own ad, and there’s when actor/s do the ad, and then when a talk show hosts who just do democrats are such liars or conservatives are such liars and here’s the truth kind of show there is a difference. The word promotion could sound like what they do when they’re not doing ads, i.e
promoting conservatism or liberalism or whatever else.

-I don’t know if My Pillow, for example, is more of interest to conservative audiences.

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