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Besides price, what is the difference between Greek yogurt and regular yogurt?

Asked by elbanditoroso (24561points) August 9th, 2018

Is one healthier than the other?

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I always thought it was just marketing bullshit. But somebody told me that Greek yogurt is strained so that some of the semi liquid stuff is taken out and that makes it more dense. And come to think of it, Greek yogurt seems to be thicker so maybe it isnt marketing

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Greek yogurt is high in protein. If you look at the nutrition label it can be twice as much as regular.

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Greek yogurt is made by straining out the extra whey that is left in in regular yogurt. Regular yogurt provides 2 times the amount calcium which helps to strengthen your bones. Plain Greek yogurt has less sugar and more protein than regular yogurt.

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Greek yogurt is strained, so it takes more time and more milk to make. I’m guessing that’s why it usually costs more?

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