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What are some home remedies for insomnia which you have tried and found them to be working?

Asked by imrainmaker (8339points) August 9th, 2018

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Melatonin is a good aid in sleep. But be careful with dosage. Too much and you end up with weird dreams. Not scary, just weird. You will wake up several times during the night because of dreams if you take too much. Beyond that…chamomile tea, exercise during the day, making sure your bedroom is set up for sleep, not TV, not radio, not reading. When you go to your bedroom you ought to be going for sex or sleep…period.

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When I HAD a problem with insomnia (now I have a problem staying AWAKE)—

(1) I would get my house as cool as economically feasible (around 68 degrees)

(2) Take a very hot bath

(3) Without drying myself much, upon getting out, I would wrap myself in a blanket with my hair still wet, and while wrapped in the blanket, I would fall asleep rather quickly.

This remedy I discovered myself by accident and works for other people—but it DOES require sleeping in the nude wrapped in a blanket, so it isn’t ideal for everyone.

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I notice magnesium helps. And some magnesium is more easily assimilated than others. Magnesium glycinate is best for me, but magnesium citrate is good also (and is cheaper). I also use L-tryptophan, melatonin, and an herbal preparation called Sleep Thru.

Figuring out the best combination took time, but it was worth it.

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Ear plugs and sleeping mask.

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Chamomile tea and a cpap.

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Eat dinner at 5 pm. Go to bed around 10.

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Study tax law.
Eat ½ cup of warm white rice.

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I take Melatonin for the bonkers dreams. I love the stuff. But I just take when I need to get up early. I enjoy it but I have never found it addictive in 20 years of use. I have taken it around 10 times in the last 6 months.

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I often take a Dollar General store knock off of Benydryl. I take 3 tablets. However, if I’m out the best thing to do is to lie as still as possible and think about fog and sand.

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Here is the answer: stay hydrated(32 ounces about 4 hrs before bed and drink nothing else after that. This way, you won’t have to piss all night.drink the 32 fast. Now then, when you lie down, do not think of things we think of during the day. That takes concentration. For example, they say to count sheep(bullshit). Counting takes concentration. They think repetition will make you tired. You have to drift off to dream. That is, think of flying cars, or walking guitars. Something that can’t happen. Good luck.

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Update: someone I know swèars by Brasil nuts.

We shall see.

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I take generic Benadryl but I’ve become really dependant on it. It wasn’t a great solution. Have you tried guided sleep meditation? Those can work pretty well.

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I take a generic knock off of Benadryl that I get at Dollar General, @ItalianPrincess1217. It is not addictive.

I sleepily thought of this question as I was trying to go back to sleep early this morning. I tried counting sheep. One of the sheep got all tangled up in the fence it was trying to jump….it always does. That why I don’t count sheep.

I tried thinking about fog and sand, but that left me lying on a hard, pebbly ledge looking out over the sand and fog.


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