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30 years from now, what will we call this "the decade of"?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7810points) August 19th, 2008

ok, the 1960s—civil rights movement, the 70s, “just enjoy yourself,” the 80s, “spend spend spend,” the 90s “party like it’s 1999,” but what is special about the “1s” or do we call it the “10s?” seems like all decades in the past have a label. what is it about the first decade of 21st century that we will remember or recognize as, well, anything?

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“The computer age?”

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@eambos: yeah, that would probably be it. or the technology decade.

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Backpedalling. on the destroying of the planet, that is

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The Iraq debacle

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medical advancement years

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The Oughts; Freaks and Geeks slowly take over the world.

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clothing that exposes everything, but hey, it’s ok. what is wrong with my butt crack, underwear or thong showing?

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The age of stupidity, or to be kinder, gullibility.

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The age of mediocrity.

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The age of guitar hero.


The age of Fluther. Naturally.

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The age when we realized that our standard of living (measured in “stuff you accumulate” I think, is lower than our parents’.

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The decade of fear.

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Andrew took my answer. I predict big things for this site.

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Decade of Dubya but felt soooo much longer

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the age where rock COULD’VE come back to life, but didn’t (largely).

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the decade of right is wrong and wrong is right.

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@super: super link!

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@SuperMouse, summarized perfectly.

But to have a less US-centric view for the of this decade, I would simply call this one the “same shit different decade” decade.

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It’s going to be the i-decade

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