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What would you do, if you were sexually harassed by a horny dolphin?

Asked by ragingloli (50145points) August 29th, 2018

Like this french one
Just let him do it?

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I would push it off of me. Apply force, as needed…

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I would wail.

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I’d enjoy it. Once in a lifetime experience to be fucked by a dolphin.

Then I’d shoot myself.

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If you lived around dolphins, the opportunities would be better than once in a lifetime.

Shoot yourself? Then who would take care of the half dolphin people babies?

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I’d come to Fluther & ask how long it would take me to know IF I was indeed having a dolphin pup!!! ; ]

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I would find it a female dolphin or a toy for it to NSFW all it wants.

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I’d take a selfie with it.

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Where do you think mermaids come from?

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I would guess @ragingloli since he doesn’t have tentacles, you’d turn him down.

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Dolphins need love too….

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Kick him in the ‘nads.

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We have sta…wait…stop!!!

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I guess we’d have a whale of a time!

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I would post a question on Fluther asking, “Could I be pregnant?”

I hope the poor horny old guy found a mate.

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Depends if it was done on porpoise.
Could have a whale of a time if it unzipped me yelling FREE WILLY!!!

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You can’t harass the willing.

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