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At what point would you say you’re unhealthily obsessed with the internet and decide to stop to get a normal life back?

Asked by mazingerz88 (22378points) September 20th, 2018 from iPhone

Kids who have grown up and are growing up right now with their faces glued to their devices probably wouldn’t know the difference. But to those of us who lived lives before pagers and cellphones, are we doomed to simply meld into this new generation of digital zombies?

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I think it’s interesting to see the differences between generations.

For the younger kids, it’s a cultural thing. For older people, there’s no pervasive norm. It seems more about personality.

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My phone automatically goes into “do not disturb” mode when I place it face down.
I keep it face down until I want it . Every so often I flip it over and get all kinds of messages.
The phone is awake when I want it to be awake otherwise I ignore it.
This drives my son crazy! He has to be within reach of a device at all times.

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I think the issue is not so much quantity as quality.

With the right mix of internet and curiosity, a lot can be done for research and innovation.

During the eighties, I went through a few weeks of binge playing a table top Ms. Pacman.
One evening I got up to take a break. I walked like a drunk. My equilibrium was a mess. When I went to bed that night, I closed my eyes and saw Ms. Pacman chasing dots around corners.
I quit playing for several days, and then kept my games within limits.

I think the internet has developed to a point we can legitimately call it an alternate universe. No doubt spending excessive time away from one’s home universe could be disadventagious, but how long is too much is an individual calculation.

I think an interesting question is, who knows their device limits better, dinosaurs, or internet age people?

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I agree with @Patty. To me 5 hours of intense research is worth more than 1 hour of mindless strolling Facebook for shallow likes.

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