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Can you please help me find a cooling pillow that actually works?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (13681points) September 23rd, 2018

I bought two my pillows for $150 and they still need to be flipped at night every 5 minutes. I was thinking about a purple pillow for $160, but I don’t want to be fooled again. What pillow or trick do you suggest? Like putting the pillow in the freezer for for 5 minutes or so? I prefer Bed Bath and Beyond or Amazon, but any place that is legitimate will work for me. There might be a Canada Post strike soon so I might have to order from UPS or Fed Ex.

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You may be in luck here. I moved from Montana (cold) to southern Utah. (waay hot) I found a product called a “Chillow” which was a God send so to speak and it made sleep possible on hot hot nites. Look it up. Over the years I have had several and found the mini Chillow to be just great. It is a device you add water to and put it on my regular pillow and for me it’s been wonderful.

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I ordered two chiliows from Amazon for $68. Will tell how it works. Will get on Oct 1 -2nd.

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@si3tech I cancelled my order. Amazon chat said not to buy it. That it isn’t a pillow.

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Oh its a refillable gel packet. I bought a similar thing for my eyes. It only keep cold for 5 minutes. It was a POS.
@si3tech How long does the “Chillow” stay cool? Maybe I could re order it from amazon? Is $34 Canadian a fair price?

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I found one on Amazon for $9.19 free shipping. I ordered that. Will get from October 17 – November 7th. Thanks @si3tech .

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My chillow has arrived. Just a bag that holds water. Put in fridge to cool off. Did not put in freezer from the warning. Will try tonight. Will update Fluther as to how it went.

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Update. It only stays cool for an hour. Still better than nothing.

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