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What to do if domain name taken by spam sites?

Asked by Phillyzero (129points) August 20th, 2008

Well, let me use an example, we all likely know (know I’m not trying to advertise), but if I typo’d and typed this domain is registered under one of those stupid advertising sites.

A domain name that I am interested in is taken by one of these random spam sites, does anyone know if these sites constantly renew their host or if there is a way to put a legit site at that address?

I know this doesn’t make a ton of sense, but I’m just a little peeved that the site name I wanted was taken by random text spam for “buying russian brides” etc…

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You contact them or the registar and makes cash offer to the party that owns the lease or you wait until it expires, plus two months (last chance grace period once they decide they don’t want to pay for it.)

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I suppose they have their traffic monitored, so I don’t think a highly visited domain will expire. They’ll probably keep it until someone makes an offer. And it’s stupid how expensive it can get. Several zeros…
Have you tried a different domain ending, like .tk?

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Or for example, if was taken, you could do or

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whois them, contact them, buy it.
else get something else.

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