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It's World Teachers Day. Anybody have a shout out to a teacher who maybe changed your life in a positive manner, in either a big or a small way?

Asked by canidmajor (14341points) October 5th, 2018

I was fortunate to have a few who made huge impressions on me.
I had a French teacher in high school who had married an American GI after WWII, they’d met when she’d saved him from the Nazis in her town in France, she was in the Resistance.
I had a music teacher for a decade who taught me to appreciate sacred music.
I had a biology teacher in college whose sense of humor made every lecture and lab memorable.

General Question, please no sex stories.
There’s always one who thinks he’s being clever by doing that

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Although I was never in any class that she taught, I’d like to be a loudmouth laudator for my wife.

She finally retired from teaching when she was 69.

I wish I had more time to post the praise she deserves.

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My English teacher and my French teacher were both amazing.Not many teachers are friends with students, and I could tell them anything. Rare gifts.

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Mrs. K. at my elementary school. She took me from a Pink Floydian meat grinder type classroom, and in her classroom I flourished. She encouraged my outside interests, and applauded my imagination, rather than (in the manner of other teachers) advising my parents that a vivid imagination would lead to psychosis.

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Even though my wife’s first language is Spanish, she taught me how the pronunciation of the letter C, is determined by the first vowel that follows it.

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1967, Endicott, Washington, 7th grade. Mr. Gill.

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