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How would you have handled this, and would you have gotten angry with your dog?

Asked by Dutchess_III (46938points) October 8th, 2018

I’m a member of an RV FB page. Yesterday someone posted that they left their dog in their RV for 30 minutes while they ran to the store. They came back to this.
Oh. Shit.!!

Many of the response were interesting. One said he thought they should make decals that look like that. I’d get one!
Others suggested ways to stop that from happening again (however, they only suggested ways to protect that one door, not the whole camper.)

A couple of people said they’d (literally) kill the dog. Shoot it and bury it at the camp ground. That really angered me.

What would you do?

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Write a complaint to the manufacturer.
How shitty has the build quality of that caravan have to be for a dog to be able to punch his head through?

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It has to be light weight so it’s just fibreglass. But if he couldn’t have torn up the door, he would have turned on the couch and the chairs and anything else that he could tear up. Would you blame the manufacturer, or the dog, or the owners?

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THe driver is at fault for cooping the dog up. The dog was trying to get out, which is what dogs liked to do.

Shooting the dog for the owner’s stupidity? Absurd.

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A dog does, what a dog does.

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I would have learned from it and would bring a kennel for the dog from now on.

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I wondered how long they’d had the dog. None of my dogs had the temperament to do that kind of stuff. Wait…I can’t say that. I had a lab once who ate everything in sight. He ate my entire back yard. Teeth marks on my shoes. I would have never, in a million years, left that dog cooped up in a car or the house or a camper for more than 2 seconds!

The people who reacted that they’d kill the dog…I can’t help but wonder how they approach raising children.

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The dog probably suffers from separation anxiety, which is a difficult condition to deal with. They need to talk to their veterinarian.

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I’m not convinced this is a real photograph but I wouldn’t leave any dog alone in any sort of vehicle while I went shopping.

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I would never lock an active breed like heelers in an RV or other area.

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That’s so hilarious! I would laugh out loud! (I like dogs more than RVs…) I’d try to ensure it didn’t happen again, but I wouldn’t really be mad at the dog… it’s too funny! And it looks like the dog doesn’t have any idea that would make me angry, per se… I’d probably be frustrated at myself for setting up that situation.

I have been mad at dogs when I’ve done all I know how to and think they know they’re not supposed to do something destructive, and they do it anyway. And I have little tolerance for them seriously threatening cats. And I’m not trained to properly train dogs, and try to avoid being responsible for them.

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A hole improves the look of the van, actually, burning the hideous things would improve the look.
As for the dawg, obviously not suited to be cooped up alone, shoot the fuckin owner maybe?

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@flutherother I don’t blame you! Here are some other shots. I’m 99% sure it’s real.

As awful as this is, as upset as you may be, you really can not blame the dog, IMO.

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Wow, foam covered in glorified paper.

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Yes. As I said it needs to be light weight. It can’t be built like a house.

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I’ve been thinking about this and I’m really disturbed by people who would abuse or kill this animal for being an animal. Psycho’s.

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I would blame myself.

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I agree @KNOWITALL. That’s why I wonder what kind of parent they are or would be to toddlers.

I would too @kritiper. No. Wait. I’d blame Rick. :D

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