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Will you keep your "My Pillow"?

Asked by Patty_Melt (12183points) 3 months ago

I remember seeing a thread sometime back which discussed best pillow choices. There were jellies who highly recommended “My Pillow.”
Mike Lindell, inventor of “My Pillow”, speaks highly of President Trump.
I just saw a video of him speaking about how Trump has improved economy and company stability so much he is able to offer even greater opportunities for his employees than in past.
Does knowing his support for current administration change your mind about owning his pillows?
Those who don’t have “My Pillow”, do you feel like this information could affect your desire to try “My Pillow”?

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Not in the least. When I look for a pillow, I look for comfort, support, smell – the last thing I care about is politics. We’re talking about a $40 purchase. Lindell could care less about my $40.

Now, if it were a $500 or $1000 purchase, my answer might be different.

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I’m quite happy with the pillows I have which are very comfortable. Imagining what the pillows on the Trump bed have witnessed does not make this a positive endorsement for me.

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I have a My Pillow on my bed at our vacation home. It’s alright. Not the miracle pillow it’s advertised as, but it’s better than the one it replaced. I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about how he feels about Trump, though.

Now if he said something about how genocide is great then maybe I’d consider boycotting. In general I don’t participate in boycotts unless I know that my money is going to a bad cause (in the case of the Chick-fil-A debacle a few years back when they were supporting anti-LGBT groups). But I certainly wouldn’t do it over someone’s support of Trump. I’m not a “Trump supporter”, but I’m also not a vitriolic hater.

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Do they have pictures of anime characters in sexual poses? No? Then I am not interested.

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That’s okay loli. I don’t expect you to be heavily into American Made products anyway.

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I don’t choose my friends by their political or religious beliefs; so, I also don’t decide where to spend my money for the same reasons!!! I’m NOT a politically motivated person for very personal reasons & I believe in EVERYBODY’s right to the freedom to believe as THEY choose whether I agree with them or not!!! Until you posted this Q, I didn’t have a clue how Mr My Pillow chose to believe politically. I don’t buy his pillow simply because I’ve read numerous reviews that indicates it’s NOT a high quality product & I find it too expensive as long as I have doubts.

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I wouldn’t reject a My Pillow simply on the basis that the founder had pleasant things to say about Trump. I haven’t tried the pillow, don’t plan to anytime soon.

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I’m going to buy a My Pillow then burn it.~

Honestly I have no desire to try his pillows. I wouldn’t avoid buying them if I did like them because I hate Trump. (did that make sense? sorry, I’m sleep deprived.)

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I got your point.
~Maybe if you had a “My Pillow” you would not be so sleep deprived. Just sayin’.~

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People who burn or destroy products over the makers’ political values are dumb.
(Especially because of what @notsoblond said, I know you were just kidding, but people do buy things specifically to destroy it thinking it’ll hurt the business… after they spent the money)

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^To me, burning something that you paid for, is the same as buying a MAGA hat. You’re burning money, to represent your political views…

Boycotting, is actually quite effective. I can definitely say, now, that I will not be purchasing a “my pillow.”

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I have several ‘my pillow’s Definitely worth it, but not as ecstatic as the commercial acts like they are. Politics did not effect my decision. But I agree with @MrGrimm888—if Hillary endorsed them, or a rabid Bernie supporter then I’d probably not buy them.

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I have never tried one. I have been intrigued, but not enough to spend so much.
I liked things he has to say about how his employees are treated. Kudos, if it is all, or mostly true.
If I had the budget to allow it, I would probably try them, but I am with Yellowdog. If he were a Hillary or Bernie supporter, price would not matter.

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More information is needed. Is the inventor of the pillow (and supports Trump) the one who owns the company that manufactures them? Do profits from pillow sales go to supporting the Trump campaign?

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^ I don’t understand WHY more info is needed…his political leanings should NOT be a factor assuming that he’s producing a high quality product!!!

According to his commercials, he does indeed own the business & is the main employee as well.

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Yes, he is founder, owner, and appears personally in his commercials.
He is a hands on guy.
I like that the tells employees that he supports their ambitions, and that if they leave the company to try a hand at something else, if it doesn’t work out they are welcome to come back.
I don’t know whether he makes financial contributions to political campaigns or not.

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The Trump version of things is entrepreneurship.

Here you have an owner of a successful business which he built himself, making a quality product which people buy because it is a good product and they want it, and choose to buy it, There are also many well-treated manufacturers employed by the “My Pillow” guy. And then there are the manufacturing jobs themselves.

Its capitalism at its best. Its what conservatives, and Trump, encourage and endorse.

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@LadyMarissa I am making no assumption of that sort. How you came up with that is a mystery.

In the original post, it labeled this Trump supporter as the inventor of this pillow. I was just curious if he was involved with any other aspect of the manufacturing and sales of the product. And if so, were any of the company’s profits funding Trump’s political campaign?

The reason for asking is, if he is, I would think twice before purchasing one.

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