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Could electing Michelle Obama get her husband a third term?

Asked by Ltryptophan (12088points) February 7th, 2017

The democrats really are longing for the past 8 years. A golden era of failed liberal policy.

Some would go so far as to choose Obama’s wife in an attempt to get their favorite couple back in the white house.

If she were elected to the presidency, how much of her role could she share with her husband? Would he be excluded from state affairs at the presidential level? Would he be able to essentially sit at the desk with her and co-govern america?

Would he be delegated to the golf course for permanent?

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As just her husband I don’t think he could do much. I doubt the president is supposed to share information with family. If he was the VP though, he probably could more.
He could give her advice on what to do either way.

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Michelle Obama is a very nice lady and I wouldn’t wish that job upon her.

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What kind of criticism would she get if people were pointing out that she needs to have her husband by her side to give her advice?

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I don’t see her as being electable.

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This is a serious question. I kindly request answers that go to the sharing of authority, not on whether she should be elected. If it helps, imagine a less controversial couple.

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No. No more than electing Hillary would have been Bill Clinton’s third term.

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I think then it’s gaming the system. Many people saw a Clinton presidency in the same light although I don’t think Bill would have been calling the shots. I don’t like to see a procession of family members run through the office like the Bushes did. If Jeb had been elected I would have had serious reservations about it. I would still rather have him than Trump though

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Michelle Obama is a strong personality and while she would certainly take advice from her husband I don’t believe she would just become another hand puppet but I am going to go out on a limb here and say that assuming there is not a major implosion with the Trump administration (and I am not sure there is anything he could do that would turn his supporters against him) it would be a mistake for the Democrats to go this route and nominate her. Although more popular than Clinton she represents more of the status quo and the voters have already indicated they are not willing to go that route any more.

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I don’t think Michele Obama has political ambitions, so I have a hard time thinking through the scenario.

But for the sake of conversation, I think she would make him Vice President and resign and he’d be President again for the remainder of one term.

It seems to not violate the 22nd amendment:

No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice, and no person who has held the office of President, or acted as President, for more than two years of a term to which some other person was elected President shall be elected to the office of the President more than once.

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She has said she is not interested in running and I believe she is sincere. But to answer your question, she is a strong independent woman and while I’m sure there would a role for Barack in her Presidency, just as she had a role in his, he would not dominate her.

My money is one Joe Biden running in 2020 with perhaps Cory Booker or a Hispanic representative for VP.

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Like @Call_Me_Jay I find this scenario hard to discuss hypothetically because Michelle has never expressed interest in the presidency, and I’m not sure she’s qualified for it. However, I distinctly remember having a heated debate with some people back in 2008 on this subject regarding Hillary Clinton. My opponent was seriously suggesting that Hillary should not be allowed to run because her election would allow Bill to dodge the 22nd amendment and rule for a third term behind the scenes. I find that argument, frankly, sexist. Hillary was a highly qualified candidate who would have been perfectly capable of being president; her presidency would not have been a front for Bill to run the show. She did address the issue by saying that Bill would be a trusted advisor who she would consult with informally at the dinner table, but it certainly wouldn’t be a case of somebody getting a third term.

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I too feel that Michelle wouldn’t want the job. For some reason, I get the strong impression that she is less inclined than her husband to curb her tongue. I think she’s one lady who’s not going to take any shit from ANYBODY!

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I am impressed with the sincerity you have received in these posts, @Ltryptophan, considering the snide nature of the first sentence f your details, which colors the entire statement.

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@canidmajor You’re right. Same sex marriage, economic recovery, better health care access – yup, that danged failed liberal policy.

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@janbb “My money is one Joe Biden running in 2020 with perhaps Cory Booker or a Hispanic representative for VP.”

Biden isn’t going to run. He’s basically said it himself – his time has passed. That’s why he didn’t run this year. Even if he did, he’d be 78 by the time he took office, which would put the bulk of his potential presidency well into his 80’s. It’s time to let the man retire in peace.

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Warren 2020, calling it now.

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What makes you think there will be a 2020 election?

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@Mariah That would be my first choice too but I wonder.

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@Lightlyseared “What makes you think there will be a 2020 election?”

Why would there not be?

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The first female president could be a repub, just sayin.

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@Darth_Algar A giant asteroid could hit the earth and destroy all higher life? Although I suppose there would still be republicans…

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No more than Hillary being elected would get Bill elected to a pretend “3rd term.” Either one would make excellent advisors, though.

Pretty sure Obama doesn’t want a third term, though, and Michelle sure as hell doesn’t want to be president.

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I never got the impression the Obama’s actually cared about power like President Bannon does.

I think they did the best they could and are comfortable with that and want to get on with normal life.


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I never saw them as power hungry either. It just kind of came to them. And they handled it beautifully.

The can never have a “normal” life again, though! I can’t help but think that they lay awake at night and fret. They know better than us what might be coming.

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How do you know that electing Michelle Obama won’t get Michelle Obama a third term?

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Because she needs to actually run for office, @Lightlyseared, before this can even be considered a valid question. And she’s not gonna do it.

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@Dutchess_III the point of my question is to discredit this whole concept by pointing out that whoever is elected must do the governing. I thought someone might be able to clearly state that a husband and wife would.never be in essence co-governors.

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Oh, well, I agree. Not formally, anyway.

I think a better question would be could Obama EVER be elected for president again, whether Michelle runs or not?

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I don’t think he’d be allowed to do much if anything in running the country. She’d be the president, not him. He isn’t allowed to be president again.

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@VenusFanelli the hypothetical scenario was, if she was elected, would Barack be the de facto president, as in “behind the scenes.”

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He’d probably try to be as much as he could get away with it.

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She would have to allow it. And it certainly wouldn’t be a bad thing.

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