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If Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers were in the same town, both slashers as in their respective films, and only occasionally seen, would people think it was the same guy?

Asked by Yellowdog (6139points) 2 months ago

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Have fun, but try to stay in the horror film genre or relevant to the discussion.

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Possibly, if they wore the same mask.

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I don’t think that I would be alive long enough to wonder.

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Possibly, but they would blame Trump all the same. Sorry…I know it went political, but was really just a joke. I suspect the town/city would think it was one guy. But here’s the question: Would the two killers get along?

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If they found each other it would probably be very random.

I would imagine they (Jason and Michael) would just briefly stare at each other and move along,

For some reason, I imagine Jason might attempt to kill leatherface or vice versa. I imagine Michael and Jason are both more likely to win against Leatherface

But Michael Myers and Jason just seem too complacent and similar to experience anything more than a very brief, unresponsive curiosity—and move on.

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btw @seawulf575 —Trump is more like Freddy Krueger than he is like Jason or Michael.

He dresses better, hurls insults at his victims, has a true personality, a gravelly voice,and is invincible. albeit with some vulnerabilities. And has that comic book characteristic about him.

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