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Would the threat of taking away their right to vote compel non-voting Americans to exercise that right?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26674points) October 23rd, 2018 from iPhone

As asked.

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Let me see if I have this right: The US voting population correctly identifies that the system doesn’t work for them and is represented by two corporate parties. Your question seems to put some blame on non-voters, rather than those in power.

It’s up to parties and representatives to reach out to those that do not vote and give them a reason to. And no – voting against something is not what motivates people. Speak to the needs of actual people, and we will likely increase voter turnout. Taking away the right to vote for not voting is punishing people who are on the losing side of the very system you’re attempting to save.

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@mazingerz88 No, they are either lazy or apathetic, neither of which mean they have any motivation to change. It’s probably one of my biggest pet peeves.

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The US voting population correctly identifies that the system doesn’t work for them and is represented by two corporate parties.

That’s a grandiose romanticizatoin or a group of people who are mostly uninformed and incurious who are unaware of much outside their home, job and TV.

Whatever is advertised to them is what gets their attention. Good luck with your political party based on iphones, sneakers, SUVs, and junk food.

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Making something worth voting for might make the difference. Not screwing with the right that is voting.

Sorry, Australia, your punishments for people who don’t vote illustrate the difference in principles between our two countries pretty clearly. I know which one I prefer (and Australia is cool, just not their attitudes toward voting).

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If the threat of scrapping their medical care doesn’t motivate them to vote what will?

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^^Good point.

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I already feel that the voting process is a scam. Taking away my “right” to vote, would not change who leads our nation. Lots of “democratic” nations have “elections.”

There are a handful of wealthy elites running the country. Everyone else is playing a carnival game, where they are convinced that they are playing a fair game.

Women had to wage a great battle to gain voting rights, and yet many don’t vote, or vote against their own benefit, as in with voting R recently…

Many Latinos voted Trump. Again, going against their own benefit.

Many working class Caucasians voted Trump. Now they will slowly feel Trump’s penis enter them, as tariffs eat away at them, and as many are older, they will die working because the GOP took their health care, and social security.

Voting only matters, if there are decent candidates to vote for, and a public that makes an effort to get enough information to make an informed vote.

Trump proved that there is a third of the country that probably shouldn’t even be American citizens, let alone be allowed to vote…

Voting is to give an illusion of choice/power. Nothing more.

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People living “under the radar” probably would not vote.

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I think it would compel some people, but I would never be in favor of threatening anyone this way, and I am not inclined to compel people to vote if they are not interested. One could argue it might spark interest, meaning spark interest to actually know more about the issues, but I really don’t want to encourage people to vote who are apathetic and uninformed.

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