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What would be the best way to force people to wash their hands in public toilets?

Asked by ragingloli (43953points) 2 months ago

For example:
Having sensors in the door frame, that log entries and exits, and that lock the door until the soap dispenser and tap have been used.
Or “soap sensors” on the door handle that only open the door, if it detects soap residue.

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I wish there was a way to force people to wash their hands. I worked with a doctor for 4 years that I never saw wash her hands. We even have a sink in our office and she never used it. She was written up several times for not washing her hands after using the toilet. She was a disgusting pig.

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Great suggestions. I like the way you think…

The toilets and facilities can ooze a sticky UV dye that washes off readily with soap and water. A blacklight can be posted in plain view outside the door in a position clearly visible to other patrons. If the bathroom visitor’s hands are glowing everyone would know. .

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I know a couple of people that refuse to use the sink in public restrooms. They bring their own sanitizer and use that, often in the stall after they finish.
Would you have the sensors/cameras inside the stalls as well?

In the case like @chyna described, yes, there needs to be some accountability, but in the mall, or the train station, etc, I would prefer not to have Big Brother in the bathroom with me.

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Why not an armed restroom cop?

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That just reminded me of old movies when people were using high end bathrooms, there was a person there to hand them a hand towel.

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But really, folks, there are already sensors. Busybodies are always around to tell you if you have not washed long enough, or haven’t used enough soap, or to demand that you show them your hand sanitizer from your purse if they don’t see you wash your hands. These are probably the same ladies that call the police because they see a black person existing.

You gentlemen may need the sensors/cameras/black light solutions, we have the nasty, busybody white ladies.

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Trapping people in a restroom is illegal. It is unsafe for fire, assault, and other reasons.

Armed guards would be a safer solution, and yet, ludicrous.

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Okay, here goes:
This can only work when there’s only one restroom (for every gender).
When you want to enter the restroom you need to put, I don’t know, two dollars, or five, in the door (you know, in a slot or something) to be able to go in.
After you done your thing you receive the dollars back from the soap dispenser (after it squirted a load in your hands; it knows it did it, it has sensors).
Money is always a good incentive to make people do things, especially when there’s a chance they won’t get it back.
By the way, if you choose to not wash (and lose the fiver), you can still leave the room.

Yeah yeah, I know we don’t have much cash on us anymore ; same plan with chips in debit/credit cards must be doable.

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But, @rebbel, all that presupposes that conditions are optimal. I have arthritic hands, cold cold water is very painful. What if I step into the stall to just change my shirt?
Really, unless one is in a circumstance (like @chyna describes above) where hand washing affects all around you in a medical way, this is all grossly over-governed.

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Hrmmm, I sense a flaw…..
(Warm water tap?)

I like to live life on the edge myself; I purposely don’t wash my hands, especially in public toilets ~

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Have armed people in those areas who can hold a gun to their heads.

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Put some boot polish on the toilet door.

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There’s a video camera in the bathroom pointed at the stall and a monitor outside for everyone to see. If you wash your hands the video is erased, if not it’s played on the screen for everyone to see when you exit, and uploaded to YouTube and tagged on your Facebook account. They could use deep learning AI to identify minors and delete those clips automatically.

Shame can be a powerful tool.

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Gee… if I thought a bunch of people would be standing outside a public bathroom to see who washed their hands or not, I’d make a point of going before I left the house.

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How about setting up ultra violet light instead which some hospitals have to kill germs? people cannot actually be monitored to wash their hands and some do not need to…

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The germiest place in most public restrooms is the door handle.
Why not just have the sinks and soap outside the restrooms? That way men and women can share the same. It would be visible to everyone, so shaming could happen for those who don’t make the stop.
And, you are washing after getting past that nasty doorknob.

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To be made to feel ashamed for not washing.
That can happen by people looking at the non washer angrily, or disgusted, or maybe they would want to comment.
It would be nice if hand washing weren’t anyone else’s business, but it can be a health risk to others.

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?? I don’t understand why you said such a thing…I don’t understand whats going on…angry people? disgusted? why are they attacking some stranger and trying to be ashamed of their cruel and confusing and senseless behavior? :(

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@Whitecoyote They are joking around.

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but doing things like that isn’t a joke or funny…how can you tell they meant it as a joke?....its alright…you don’t have to explain…if thats what it is then thats what it is…but it doesn’t make sense to me.

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Have a giant robot octopus/spider/scorpion creature with artificial intelligence which grabs them in metal arms and forces their hands into the toilet bowl and agitates 30 times before releasing them.

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Put the sink outside the exit. I recently went to a renovated restaurant that had a tiny sink in the bathroom to quickly wash your hands and then another larger elegant sink outside where patrons can see you as you exit. Even though I washed my hands inside the bathroom area, I felt compelled to wash my hands again because everyone could see me. There was also a huge sign that said, please wash your hands if exiting the restroom. I couldn’t help but laugh and I ended up washing my hands twice because partons could see if I did or didn’t wash my hands.

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Cool! When I suggested it, I didn’t realize it has already been done.

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