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Don't you just love soap, shampoo, dishwashing liquid anything soapy, sudsy that foams in the water?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21639points) June 27th, 2012

Am I weird or does anyone else love bubbles and foam? Don’t you just love to lather up?

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Ahhh, I love taking a loofah and getting it really soapy, then scrubbing myself clean. So invigorating.

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A given. Soap is my obsession. For a lot of suds in a bar of soap, you need castor oil in the mix. Castor oil is a very special long chain fatty acid.

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I would have to say “no”. Suds are annoying. Soap should clean, not give aesthetic pleasure.

But then, I’m male, and have no appreciation for that sort of frippery.

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There’s something about a bath tub, filled with warm water and bubble bath, candles, a neck pillow, and the lights out that relaxes me.

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Some yes some no. The suds are an indication to me there is enough soap, but supposedly the sudsing agents are not so great for us. I care most about how the product smells.

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Aside from a bubble bath, not really. A bunch of suds or foam makes me feel like there is too much detergent being used and I start to think about drying out my skin, breaking down our clothes and linens or just wasting water having to rinse dishes for what feels like an endless amount of time.

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