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What little things does your SO do that make you feel happy and loved?

Asked by JLeslie (56273points) 2 months ago from iPhone

One thing my husband does is every so often he looks right at me, and smiles, and calls me by my nickname, and he reaches out his hand to hold mine. He usually does it when things have been a little daunting, and we’ve been wound up. That one gesture is very calming and makes me feel like he still feels happy being with me.

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I don’t have an SO, and that makes me very happy.

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I’m trying to learn to do a few things such as these for my Significant Other.

She needs encouragement the most.

I look forward to reading some responses. Thanks for posting.

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My GF (significant other) is always writing me sweet notes on post-it note paper and putting them in my wallet—sending me text messages that are encouraging, and organizing my chaos.

I am a very disorganized and dysfunctional person; she is neat as a pin—she can consolidate and organize everything so I can find everything easily and usually consolidates things to ½ to ⅓ the space, May sound kind of weird to those of you who don’t have my problem but this is a tremendous help to me and means a great deal.

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My husband will tell me ‘it will all work out babe’, no matter what the issue is and he’s always right. I’m a stresser and he’s not, so it works for us.

He’ll also run the vacuum, or handle an errand, or call my mom to check on her without telling me, all things that make me think I’m pretty lucky.

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I had to think hard for this one. Let’s see: he’ll talk to my kids when I’m not there and discuss how its important to him for family members to get along. He will buy me a couple things at the grocery store I didn’t write down just because he thinks I’d like them like a purple onion. Seriously. He can’t do anything around the house anymore so that’s out. He fell and it’s a long, depressing story. He says, ” good morning, sweetie” every single morning. AS IF I’m sweet. He tells his buddies he did a lot better marrying me than his ex. And she’s a multi millionaire, no joke. He sets up the DVR for shows he knows I love and he hates like The Bachelor.
I can’t think of anything else, unfortunately.

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He hugs me while I’m still half-asleep. When I’m out late, he meets me at the bus stop so I don’t have to walk home through the dark by myself. He reminds me to take breaks when I stress myself out and uses silly nicknames to cheer me up. When I’m sick, he makes me smoothies. He moves between me and cars or other potential dangers, which is especially sweet because he doesn’t do it consciously. Sometimes, when I don’t feel great, he just lifts me up to make me laugh.

Right now he’s baking bread. While that doesn’t make me feel especially loved, it certainly makes me happy.

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