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So what do you think when your boyfriend stops calling you?

Asked by roxy (74points) August 21st, 2008

To the previous conversation my boyfriend just stopped calling me for a week straight.So I finally called him and he brought up some light hearted (so I thought) discussion we had about basically money..Long story but sounded like an excuse to me to end it.What do you all think??

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I think you provided us with little to no information.

I think that we’re not your boyfriend, so we can’t tell you why he didn’t call you this past week.

I think that it’s ridiculous for you to not have called him until now. (If he didn’t call, and you want to talk, why not pick up the damn phone?)

If I was forced to guess, I’d say he doesn’t want to be with you anymore.

To answer your initial question, when my boyfriend “stops calling me” (which implies that I am at work or out somewhere, since we live together), I think his phone died or he is asleep. Or, given a particular situation, that he is temporarily annoyed with me. However, I’m not sure what relevance the reasons that we flutherers have for our boyfriends not calling us has on why your boyfriend didn’t call you.

Why don’t you ask him, since he’d know better than we?


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That is probably the end. Guys get a bad reputation for not calling, but a week and some crap when you do talk? Unless you are missing some vital piece of info in this question, like he is in the middle of Mongolia and you are in NYC it is probably over.

I’m a guy and would suggest breaking things off and moving on. Or ask him what is up. I had a girlfriend who’s mom was really sick, she got distant and didn’t tell me about it for a while.

Just call and ask.

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Well the thing is he lives an hour away and I have a long distance block because I am late on my bill.That is why I didn’t call him until now.I just bought a phone card.
He new I couldn’t call out so I figured he didn’t want to talk to me.I called him to find out what was going on and just wanted closure at least.The answer he gave me, to me was a cop out and rediculous..

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Send him cake.

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By the way this is a 3 year relationship ,at least friendship if anything.
His reason was we had a conversation last week about him buying an expensive camera.He doesn’t make a lot of money and he told me his aunt bought it for him.I didn’t say anything about it until a week or so later – last week.I said I don’t believe your aunt bought a $1000 camera for you,I think you bought it.He said she did bla bla bla I was like ok.
Then he asked why wouldnt you believe that and I said maybe because you know that money is tight right now for me and you might feel guilty.That’s all, I did not yell or trip or raise my voice or anything.It was a very light hearted conversation.If you read any of my other posts you would know that him and I have many discussions.Anyways we talked several times after that with no mention of it then all of a sudden that is his excuse.It sounds to me like a bunch of bull..A cop out, excuse you name it to get out of our relationship. This is a man who says he loves me so much…na na na
That’s fine and dandy.All I ask is that he have the balls to tell me the real reason and just end it.

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This is stuff you should be telling us in the question. Don’t expect us to be able to magically fill in the blanks. If you want a good answer let us know everything relevant upfront.

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Well it was too long.I know I should have I was just being lazy and frustrated…

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He needs your services duh

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Oh magnus, the cake!
Maybe he doesn’t want to give you a hard time, that’s all….

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I think you need to ask this question of your boyfriend, not of Fluther.

How are we supposed to know what your boyfriend is thinking?

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I’m thinking that there’s a lack of interest there but don’t listen to me, call him and ask.

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Generally, if he does not call, he wants to end it.

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If you’ve been with him for 3 years and still have to ask us what he is thinking, It sounds like trouble in paradise for you. Call him and talk it out. We can’t read his mind for you.

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