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What will be your comeback line on this (details inside)?

Asked by imrainmaker (8360points) October 27th, 2018

Y’all might have seen “The comeback” episode of Seinfeld where a guy pokes fun at George with the line during a meeting “The oceans called: they are out of shrimps.” What would be your comeback line in this situation?

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“Well then, you might want to donate your penis to the cause.”

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“Sorry, I’ve got a cocktail date tonight.”

“Why don’t you clam up or are you too shellfish?”

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“Andi Sidaris called. He wants his lame one-liners back.”

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Why don’t you peel and eat me.

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^^ Or just, “Bite me”?

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That’s why they called you! They remembered the last time you went swimming.

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“And they called you first! How thoughtful!”

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Your mother wasn’t complaining last night.

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Go fuck yourself

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