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Do you have experience with Supernatural occurances?

Asked by Chocobunni (89points) 2 months ago

I’m speaking widely, in any aspect of the term. Have you had any experience with the unexplainable or impossible? I’ve been contemplating the thought of occurances such as soul trading with another body, lucid dreaming, and dementional shifts. I wanted to know if anyone has had experience personally. You can answer about ghosts, fokelore, or other things, but I’m mostly interested in a total warp of reality.

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You mean like green balls of light falling out of the sky on a stormy night?? Yes…

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I’ve experienced precognition and clairvoyance.
My grandmother and I had a pretty strong connection which would alert to each others hardships.
When she died, I knew it, before being contacted.

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I may have seen a UFO once. I am not convinced, and realistically I’ll never know for sure…

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Huh. I have a fair litany, my family and friends have other experiences. UFO’s: I once saw an orange “bolt of lightning” go between two stars. It was there for a count of about 3. Another time, I was on a boat on a lake, coming back at dark. I was too young to drive so I was looking at the night sky. I saw a small dot arcing through the sky. It seemed to be taking a path from one star, through about 6 others, to a last one. When it was at about the 4th star, another dot took off from the first one, following the same path. I counted 10 of these. One last time, I was talking with a friend of mine and suddenly he said “look at that!” I saw 4 orange lights at about a 45 degree angle with a 5th coming at about a 90 degree angle from the other 4. It was moving along a major street, about 100 feet above the wires that bordered the road. It was only moving about 30 mph, but we could hear no sound of an engine. This event was reported for about 20 miles long this road and someone took a picture that ended up on the front page of the newspaper.
Ghosts: I had a basketball playing ghost at my old (150 yo) house. Ever hear the sound a basketball makes when you dribble it on concrete? A sort of echoing slap? I would hear that at various times of the day and night. I could never locate the source of the sound. It would first sound like it was out front, but when I would move that way, it would sound like it was behind me. If I turned in that direction, I would hear it a little off to one side. I heard it probably 10 times until my wife finally heard it. She couldn’t locate the source either. We heard it off and on for a couple years. Before I married her, my wife lived in that house. 20 years (?) before, a young boy killed himself in that house. Ricky. One afternoon, my wife was in the bedroom and looked up and saw a child. She thought it was one of hers and she spoke to it, and it disappeared. Another time she woke up and saw a child standing next to the bed and it disappeared when she spoke to it again. She finally lit a candle and told the child to go to the light…it was free to leave and go home. Never saw it again. Maybe he took up basketball later….I don’t know.
I used to try OBE (Out of Body Experiences). I tried once and when I opened my eyes, the ceiling was about 2” in front of my face. Considering I started on the bottom bunk of a bunk bed, this was a bit disconcerting. I jerked and was back in my normal place on my bunk.

That’s about the extent of my experiences (that I remember off the top of my head!).

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Oh! One girl I used to work with attended Ohio University. Wilson Hall if you care to research it. She said she once saw someone on her bed, but when she blinked, the person was gone, but the covers still held the shape and were responding like someone had just gotten up. I can neither confirm nor deny this….just her story.

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I’m very preoccupied with magic. Everyday I create complex ideas, and I think it’s fair to see this as an interaction with the supernatural. In a traditional sense, no, I don’t experience the supernatural, but I accept that having an experience with the supernatural can paradoxically mean anything in reality

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