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Doug Casey, miracle or bs?

Asked by Patty_Melt (12694points) November 9th, 2018

He makes predictions, got some people impressed.
It is said he predicted Trump would win the presidency. I did too. Does that make me miraculous?

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@Patty_Melt You are a modern miracle. If you could lay hands on me through the internet, I’d be asking for it. ;-) Most predictions are common sense. I predicted two weeks+ ago that there would be no blue wave on the mid-terms, that it would be closer to a ripple. Not magic, just common sense. I figured Trump had a good chance when he was running because he was not a career politician. People are tired of the same old crap. Obama ran on “hope and change” and people gave him a chance. What he didn’t say is that he would the corruption of DC worse, not better. People are fed up with that. Electing Cruz or Hillary or Sanders or Rubio or any of the other dozen candidates would make no sense if you want big change. Maybe Carly Fiorino…..

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Not a miracle. I make predictions, too, but I don’t put that much faith in them or me. Anyone can play the odds…

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Neither…he had a 50/50 chance & he just got lucky!!! Had his luck failed, we wouldn’t be discussing it!!!

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Yes, of course YOU are miraculous ms. Melt. Casey, on the other hand is just a realist looking to buy cheap and sell high. And he tends not to be disracted by issues of morality.

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Yes, Patty you are miraculous but please don’t do it again.

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All of my black friends thought Trump would win. I thought they had lost their minds. Turns out, they just understood the remaining bigotry in America, better than I did. At the time…. I get it now…

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