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Hi, I am from Hyderabad. I have worked in Non-IT Sector for 2.6years. Now, I would like to move into IT Sector. Which is the best course to learn in these conditions?

Asked by keshav (5points) 3 months ago

My name is Keshav K, I am a Btech(CSE) Student 2015 passed out. I have started working from January 2016 with designation – IT Analyst.

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This Fluther meme will never die. I suppose the appliance service center has an I.T. department. A network+ certification will get you in the door for simple desktop support. Then you can study for your CCNA and other certs as you move up the line. You don’t need anyone to help you with this. It’s self study so ignore anyone posting links to schools or prep courses.

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Choose a technology you want to work with, learn it well and complete well-coded projects using that technology, to list on your resume/CV.

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