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Hey peeps. Your favourite girl dentist is back in town, so if you have questions, there you go.

Asked by trailsillustrated (16746points) 3 months ago

As detailed.

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Okay ! Glad you’re back don’t need anything !

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This is how long recovery from a stroke takes!!

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Super glad your doing great!!
Stay healthy and take care of yourself.

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Good to see you.

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Welcome back! Missed you. How long has it been?

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I am so happy to see you back. You have been missed.
How much have you recovered? Are you disabled, or have you regained your normal capabilities?

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Great to see you again @trailsillustrated

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If I bring the pillow will you bring the money?

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Hi! You know I’m always happy to see you. Glad you’re back!

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Welcome back! It’s good to see contributors return!

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So happy you’re back!! I’ve missed you!

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@Patty_Melt it will two years in January. I have a permanent speech impediment and have definitely lost a few points of the iq. My brain was scrambled for a long time. I feel like only now has come back my vocabulary.

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I love a come back! They say adversity introduces you, to yourself. It takes grit, character, and determination to overcome such things. Well done.

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I am glad to see you here and that you are recovering.

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Your avatar hasn’t changed a bit! :-) It’s great to see you here! I think of you often.

About a month ago I had a crown put in on my 2nd molar tooth #30 and thought about asking you whether I should go with ceramic or gold: gold for strength or ceramic for looks. I went with ceramic. It’s a perfect match. I guess I’m more vain than I thought.

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So glad to see you again!

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Welcome back!
Nice to see you again!

Can we ask dentistry questions?

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Well, I sure don’t notice any speech impediment! Welcome back into the fold.

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Welcome back.

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Welcome back. I hope someone is taking good care of you : )

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Welcome back.

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Thanks for the looove. I had a very,very profound depression too which has let up. I have discovered podcasts and podcasting. I am very alone which was very hard for the first year. Like Blanche, I have always depended upon the kindness of strangers. Thanks, all

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Stick around here tooth-lady. It helps a bit with the aloneness of it all. ((HUGS))

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Oh yay!! I’m happy to see you! Sorry to read about the strokes, but glad you’re making good strides now. <3

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Why did I miss this?

I thought you just drifted away because you were bored. I didn’t know things were so serious.

How’s your day today?

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I drifted away because everything was so, so overwhelming. I’m crawling back I think. I hope you are well, @Mimishu1995 .

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Hey. Trails! Welcome back!

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When I first read the question, I thought it might be about some super hero girl who was a dentist as her alter ego, so I didn’t know how to respond if I did.

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If you like podcasts you can find lots on this BBC site

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@flutherother thank you soooo much. A treasure trove!!

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