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How do you check the link you posted in your email before you click Send?

Asked by flo (11237points) March 20th, 2014

With Gmail no problem you can check it but with Outlook, Yahoo etc. not? It is only the reciepient who can click on the link you sent?
—Gmail is having a problem there right now.—

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Copy and paste it into your browser. If it goes through, the link the recipient gets will work.

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@livelaughlove21 I wish it would be like Gmail though. So, there is no trick to make it like Gmail?

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@flo Not that I know of. Why not just use Gmail if you prefer it?

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There’s been a problem with it in the last 2 days or so.

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@flo Oh, sorry, missed that in the original post.

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In outlook I can click on it. Did you try hitting return immediately after the link? That should create a hyperlink.

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It doesn’t work, right now anyway.

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Try pasting the link from scratch and hitting return. Or, maybe you did try that?

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I’m thinking about what “from scratch” means.

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Wait, are we talking about having a clickable link BEFORE sending the email or afterward when viewing it from the “Sent” folder? In Outlook, a hyperlink should pop up after you hit the space or return key after you type out or paste the link. However, you can’t just click, you have to Ctrl+click. Once you’ve sent it and pull it up from your “Sent” folder, you should just be able to click it like the recipient can.

I only send Yahoo email from my phone, so I’m not sure about that.

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Why not just send it to yourself first?

If it works ok, just change the name of the recipient to whomever you originally wrote it for.

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From scratch means did you taste it by pasting a link into a new email, then hit return and see if it works. No period after, just the link and hit return. Or, when you tested it did you go back to a draft of an email you were already working on with the link there and then try it?

Are you pasting the link, or are you on the web page to start and then sending the link?

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Also, best to test it in private browsing. That will ensure you’re not logged in anywhere, just as the recipient. It prevents the sending of links behind e.g. a paywall or registration.

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^ This is a great suggestion. In Chrome, CTRL-SHIFT-N will open an incognito window. Paste your link in there to make sure the recipient will be able to view it.

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@livelaughlove21 Nothing changes when I hit the return key or space key. When I click while hoding Ctrl, the cursor disappears, the link as well as the U (for underline) gets highlighted. How interesting. Thanks.
@Buttonstc good idea. Thanks.
@JLeslie It is from scratch. I just went back to the saved draft, and there, it is clickable.
@Vincentt @hominid I will keep that in mind thanks

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I too send it to myself first for a test ride. Mac mail program and local server. It’s very straightforward.

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I’m confused. You went back to the draft, but it is from scratch? Do you mean when it is done from scratch it still does not work, but if you save it in drafts then reopen it it does work?

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@gailcalled but with Gmail no need to do any testing, or anything.
@JLeslie Yes that is what I mean.

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They all were better before, I find.
If I send an email from Yahoo, to 4 people, Sent file shows only the first in the TO field got the email.

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