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Do many Americans know what Maneki Neko, the beckoning cat figurine is?

Asked by Kajin (5points) 3 months ago

If they do, do they get to know through the Internet? Chinatown? Or Chinese restaurants?

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I know of it. I know that it’s Japanese, not Chinese, though I have seen it in both Japanese and Chinese stores and restaurants.

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I’ve never heard of it. I’m not American.

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I do. My daughter lives in Japan.

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I first noticed it (her? him?) in Thai restaurants. I looked it up after noticing a few times, and found the good luck story charming.

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I had to google it because it sounded familiar but I recognize it :) I am American and I don’t visit much/ am exposed to Japanese culture/things

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“the cat calling in the money” has been a dependable fixture in every Chinese, Japanese, Korean or Vietnamese business. I actually made a habit of presenting any friend starting a new business with the 14 inch version of “the cat”. My own cat sits on the shelf in the bookcase behind my desk and chair. It’s been there since 85 when I started the business that was successful beyond anything I deserved. I remember my kids climbing the chair to stuff the cat with pennies. My big fear was that they would eventually topple the kitty.

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I have three in my house.

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