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How many stores do you shop in where you can buy underwear, bicycles, and fresh celery? and pay for them all in a single transaction?

Asked by Jeruba (48174points) 3 months ago

And do you think stores like that are a good idea? Why or why not?

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Target. I was just there ten minutes ago buying butter, a welcome matt, aluminum foil, and a dog toy.

I have no problem with them so long as they carry quality stuff.

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I guess that would be Target and Wal-Mart. I like Target for some things, but not for groceries, so I probably wouldn’t buy celery there.

I’m okay with these stores, although I don’t go to Wal-Mart much. When I can, I prefer to go to more local stores. But now, even going to Target seems old-fashioned given how much I use Amazon.

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Wal-Mart. Fred Meyer.

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Great idea.
Very convenient, reasonably priced.

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In the US, Aldi is only food – and cheap food, warehouse style. Not a full service store.

I have to agree with whoever said WalMart or Target.

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Where I live now—two. Walmart and Target. I’m in a Walmart supercenter maybe once a month at the most, and Target about 3 or 4 times a year.

The first time I saw a store like that was when I moved to Michigan for college. The store was Meijer’s, and I know Sam Walton gets credit for this superstore idea, but my bet is Meijer’s came up with it first.

I have mixed feelings about these stores, but it is nice to be able to do a lot of errands in one place. What I don’t like is the very busy large parking lots, and the stores are usually very crowded. If you want to run in quickly for something that is almost impossible. Clothing and shoes are usually very low quality, not that I’ve never bought clothing in a Walmart, I have, but it’s great to be able to buy a baby gift for a friend and then grab some English muffins too.

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Meijer stores all my life. In West Michigan we got the experience a lot earlier than most, they first opened in the 1960s. There isn’t one near my home now. I go when traveling.

I shop at a Target fairly often. There’s one within walking distance. Though I’ve never seen it as a place for groceries. I get little food there.

The Meijers stores I really like. The produce section is top notch, and the Meijer house brand products are high quality. The non-grocery departments are a lot like a Target.

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Walmart, Target and Amazon. I don’t generally buy groceries at Target or Amazon, and tend to buy only groceries at Walmart (purely because it’s the only place nearby that has an order-ahead/curbside pick-up option, which is a life-saver for us). But I could buy all those things in one place.

I like Target and will get one or two grocery items while I’m there for something else, if it will save me a trip to another store.

Big-box stores put mom-and-pop stores out of business, which is awful. I also loathe crowds, so I stay the hell out the physical locations as much as I can. That said, I’m not actively opposed to the convenience of one-stop shopping as long as the quality is decent.

And honestly, I don’t know how I’d survive if I had to visit multiple physical locations to get a lot of shopping done. Hell, some days I can’t make it down my stairs! The evil behemoth Amazon is a huge resource for me.

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Carrefour and Hypermart. I think it’s very convenient to have an almost-complete all-you-can-buy place to shop.

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My local supermarket, Tesco, sells almost everything though I haven’t seen bicycles on display recently. It is very convenient for me to be able to pick up almost anything I need at any time of the day or night but at the same time I regret the impact these superstores have on traditional specialist shops.

When I was a kid we went to the butchers for meat, the fishmongers for fish and the bakers for bread and we went on foot. The shopkeepers knew their customers personally. You can now shop without any human interaction at all at a self-service checkout.

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If a store doesn’t have underwear, bicycles and fresh celery then why would I be shopping there at 3 am, hungry, and with no means of getting home after a night out.

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Walmart, Target, Costco. I don’t shop at Sam’s Club, but I’d bet it’s the same.

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Walmart. It’s a fine idea, obviously. It just kills local business.

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However, I will say the Dillions, right next door to our Super Walmart is still thriving. They simply have better quality food, IMO. I will go out of my way to grocery shop there instead of Walmart.

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